A Complete Guide to Nutrition in 2023: From Habits to Diets & Trends

A Complete Guide to Nutrition in 2023: From Habits to Diets & Trends

When several people have luck losing weight through with a diet, it becomes a trend. In a world filled with influencers and social media, one person’s habits may soon extend to many resulting in other individuals wanting to try those said habits.

So, whether you’re looking to improve your gut health, lose weight, or live a healthier life in general, there was probably a habit or diet trending this year that may help.

After careful research, we found the ones that stuck out the most. Here are the top past diet trends that have been proven to work with many people.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is by far not a new concept. It originated in the 1960s but didn’t gain much popularity until the 90s. Finally, in 2023, it’s a trend and a lifestyle for some.

The diet consists of consuming plenty of vegetables and fruits for every meal. Bread, beans, potatoes, nuts, and seeds are also staples in this diet. Ultimately, a person following this diet will want to limit or eat fish, poultry, eggs, fish, and dairy in moderation.

Olive oil is the primary fat used in this diet, and it’s known for reducing inflammation in the body, which is associated with various health conditions. With that said, the rates of Alzheimer’s, metabolic disease, and diabetes appear to be less prevalent when someone follows this diet, as noted by a study published in PubMed, a division of the National Library of Medicine.


Whether people are trying to get healthy, reduce their impact on the environment, or have compassion toward animals and don’t want to harm them in any way, veganism is becoming a way of life for many.

Statistics indicate about four percent of the U.S. follows a vegan diet. And this isn’t counting the number of partially vegan individuals, meaning they try to strive for a few vegan meals a week or even occasionally without fully committing to this diet as a lifestyle.

A vegan diet consists of eating no meat whatsoever. Everything the person eats is plant-based. While a vegetarian may still consume gelatin, eggs, and other similar foods, a vegan will not. Some vegans will even avoid honey.

This diet can benefit the environment and help the animals. Plus, it can help with weight loss, reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, and even decrease your chances of developing certain types of cancer, among other benefits.


The keto diet is a long-lived option with a history dating back to the 1920s. It’s becoming popular all over again in the 2020s.

While initially it was a diet to help combat seizures, the ketogenic diet is low in carbohydrates and high in protein, which can assist a person in losing weight and has the ability to help with diabetes management and improving insulin resistance.

If you heard of the Atkin’s diet, which arose in the 1970s, it’s similar to that. However, the Atkin’s diet encourages people to reintroduce carbohydrates back into their diet. With the keto diet, a person restricts carbs indefinitely, which isn’t for everyone. However, for this year, it’s definitely popular.

Cooking Cheaply

Inflation is a concern in 2023 and isn’t looking like it’s going to completely disappear any time soon. Though prices are slowly trickling down, by the end of 2023, experts are forecasting Americans will pay 20 percent more for groceries than in 2021.

For some, inflation is taking quite a toll on their budgets, causing many to scrimp and save in any way they can. And this is reflected in people’s diets. More than ever, people are cooking at home rather than going out.

Families and even individuals are looking toward making meals from scratch instead of eating processed foods. People are even choosing more generic products than name brand ones than ever before. Another food trend due to inflation is more people buying in bulk.

More Focused on Good Health Than Weight Loss

For over a century, it’s become popular for people to aim to be thin. Every page in a magazine was filled with one thin-framed woman after another, so much so that ladies were sacrificing their health to be “publishable.” This even poured over into the mainstream, increasing the number of eating disorders.

Today, though, while some are all about getting the “perfect” body, more people than ever are striving to be healthy. Rather than getting super thin, they’re looking at eating a nourishing, well-balanced diet and focusing on fashion to increase their aesthetic allure while stating that “healthy is the new sexy.”

It’s now popular to portion control, minimize unhealthy foods, and eat a balanced diet while still giving a little wiggle room for the occasional snack.

No Rapid Weight Loss Diets

Remember the cabbage soup diet? It was trending in the 80s and made its way into the 2000s. The diet was short-term, usually used for a week or so to encourage rapid weight loss. The person needed to consume cabbage soup primarily during that time.

Homemade cabbage soup is low in calories, which means the person is restricting their caloric intake while trying to remain satisfied.

However, with this diet, you actually lose water weight and muscle mass more so than fat. Once the diet ends, your body needs to build up its energy reserves. Not to mention, this diet doesn’t contain all the nutrients your body needs, which can cause you to feel tired, among other issues.

Meal Subscriptions

People are busy in this day and age with children, careers, and more. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to budget time accordingly, leading to a rise in meal subscriptions. But, on a positive note, people can opt for healthy ones that offer nutritious meals, possibly even ones that follow the diet they follow, such as keto. Fortunately, it’s possible to cancel these subscriptions as needed, depending on your service agreement.

For 2023, diets, habits, and nutrition trends have taken quite a turn from previous years, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. People are placing emphasis on their needs and health and learning to be confident no matter their size.