How To Suit Up Like James Bond

How To Suit Up Like James Bond

Hey, you. Yes, you - regardless of gender. Ever dreamed of looking as suave and stylish as the 007 himself, James Bond?

Those perfectly tailored suits, the crisp shirts, the lavish watches—Bond just oozes sophistication and class. The good news is, with a few style tips, you too can suit up like the world’s most famous secret agent.

We’ve got the inside scoop on how to dress like Bond. Whether you’re attending a formal event or just want to feel like the coolest guy in the room during your 9 to 5, these tips will help you dress better:

Choose a Sharp Suit

To dress like James Bond, start with a sharp suit. We’re talking classic, well-tailored, and sophisticated.

Opt for two or three-button single-breasted with notch lapels. Peak or shawl lapels are a bit much.

Make sure it’s tailored to your frame. A good suit should glide over your shoulders and hug your torso.

Pair it with a crisp white button-down shirt and slim tie in a simple pattern. Looking sharp is all about the details.

How James Bond Dressed in Movie Casino Royale (2006)

The iconic casino scene in Casino Royale portrayed the 00 agent as the pinnacle of masculinity, as he competed against Le Chiffre in poker. This beautifully-shot scene inspired many to emulate his classic and sophisticated style, and it’s for a reason. When Bond’s plane reached Paradise Island in Casino Royale, he was seen wearing a marvelous gray linen suit with no tie. Casino Royale definitely had a summer vibe to it, which evokes a sense of mystery and nonchalance.

Here’s you can dress like James Bond did in Casino Royale:

Start with a well-tailored suit. Bond in Casino Royale prefers single-breasted jackets with two buttons, side vents, and narrow lapels. Light gray or navy is always a good choice. Pair it with matching trousers for a sharp silhouette.

Opt for a crisp white button-down shirt - no patterns. Leave the top button undone for a casual touch and add cufflinks for extra polish.

A tie is a must. Bond prefers basic colors in woven silks with a perfect dimple in the knot. Or like Bond did in most places in Casino Royale, wear a linen suit without a tie for a summer look.

Add a pocket square that tastefully accents your tie. Fold it into thirds and casually puff it out.

Bond goes for brown suede derby shoes in Casino Royale, which can be paired well with most suits.

Top it off with a high-quality watch, like Omega. Sunglasses by Persol or Tom Ford will complete the look Casino Royale look when outside.


To complete the James Bond look, here’s what you need to do:

Look for a pair made of high-quality calfskin or cordovan leather with minimal detailing for maximum versatility. Avoid anything too trendy that will look dated in a few years.

Oxfords are lace-up shoes with a closed lacing system, a sleek silhouette, and typically a rounded toe.

Derbies also lace up but have an open lacing system with eyelets tabs for the laces. They tend to be slightly less formal.

Monk straps have a buckle and strap closure instead of laces for a polished look without the fuss of tying.


When stepping into Bond’s shoes, don’t forget his signature outerwear. His style is functional yet stylish, ready for any mission.

The Tuxedo

No secret agent’s wardrobe is complete without a crisp tuxedo for high-stakes poker games and formal events.

Opt for a classic black two-button suit with satin accents. Pair it with a bow tie and cummerbund in black, midnight blue, or purple. Patent leather shoes and a pocket square polished the look.

For a modern twist, try a tailored tuxedo jacket with narrow lapels in a lightweight fabric like cotton or linen.

Swap the bow tie for an open collar with a few undone buttons. This conveys a “man of mystery” vibe.

Ties and Accessories

To complete the Bond look, focus on the details. His ties and accessories are iconic symbols of style and suaveness.

Ties should be slim, preferably in a solid color like navy, forest green, or burgundy, and made of silk or grenadine. Look for patterns like dots, diamonds, or small geometrics. Bond would never wear a novelty tie, so avoid anything too loud or flashy.

Belts should be leather, in brown or black, with a simple metal buckle. Suspenders, if worn, are always a solid color and never exposed.

Pocket squares add a splash of color and style. Choose a pattern that picks up the color of your tie but is still complimentary. Fold the pocket square into a simple TV fold and place it in your breast pocket.

Cufflinks complete the look. Look for links in silver, gold, or onyx that make a subtle statement.

Choosing a quality watch is essential. While any brand that evokes luxury and tradition will work, a clean dial with minimal complications is preferred.


So there you have it, the essential elements to channel your inner James Bond and suit up with style.

Between the perfectly tailored suit, crisp dress shirt, silk tie, leather shoes, and Omega watch, you’ll be exuding charisma and confidence in no time. While these pieces may require a bit of an investment, they are timeless classics that will serve you well for years to come.