Boho Goddess on the Go: Travel Bags for Free-Spirited Women

Boho Goddess on the Go: Travel Bags for Free-Spirited Women

Hero is a small tote bag from CountrysideTexas

Every piece in your wardrobe slots into your personal style, and practical travel bags are no exception. Many women believe that stylish bags are small and ornate, while larger womens travel bags are automatically less-than-stylish, but that’s far from the truth. You may be surprised at the range of colors, styles and aesthetics available in totes, backpacks and other bags that are actually large enough to carry everything you need. 

Chic Weekender Bags

The best place to start exploring travel bag style is the classic weekender bag. These bags can easily fit stylish weekend essentials and look good doing it. A leather or vegan leather bag is both durable and gives a luxe look. You can find reliable weekender bags in neutrals, white or bright pops of color like electric citron green. 

Victorian weekender carpet bag in cottagecore aesthetic from MaxCarpetbagWorks

Personalized Tote Bags

A large tote bag is a perpetually stylish essential that makes any work day easier. Level up a large work tote by opting for a chic fabric like faux croc skin. You can also personalize a tote bag with a monogram to both improve its style and provide an easy way to get it back to you if you ever misplace it. 

Large cowhide tote bag from CountrysideTexas

Sleek and Fashionable Backpacks

Backpacks aren’t just for school days or college dorms. The right backpack can be a style statement at any life stage. To avoid skewing younger, choose a backpack with sleek, minimalist styling. A backpack gives an unexpected casual energy to day dresses and brunch outfits, and it is a must in any complete contemporary wardrobe. 

Black tote from RAINS

Aesthetic Hard-Shell Luggage

Even the ultra-practical hard-shell luggage is an opportunity to showcase your personal style. Unlike in years past, there are dozens of color and style options available besides black and metallic hues.

The best part about playing with the style of traditionally practical bags  is that it’s easy to make a bold statement. Simply contrast the minimalist lines, hard edges and practical construction of a hard-shelled carry-on bag with a fun pastel tone for an unexpected style hit. For extra flair, add a matching tote or small travel bag. 

Goth aesthetic hardshell suitcase from ikiikishop

Sports Packs and Slings

If you’re traveling across Europe or to another tourist-heavy destination, every travel guide will tell you to invest in a bag that stays inside your jacket and close to your body. Keeping passports and cash in one of these bags keeps them safe, as it’s much easier for a pickpocket to reach into a handbag or unzip and outer pocket than it is for them to steal from a close-fitting bag.

Waterproof coat and bag from RAINS

The good news is, you can follow this advice without buying an outdated or scratchy-feeling fanny pack. Stylish leather sports bags sit on the hip and also match any sporty outfits. A sports sling keeps travel essentials close to the heart, replacing a small handbag when out and about. 

Savvy travelers know that the most stylish option in bags isn’t necessarily the most expensive. Instead, doing a style swerve like opting for a backpack, weekender bag, sports bag, or brightly colored carry-on can deliver effortless style.