6 Easy Tips to Make Your Instagram Photos Pop

6 Easy Tips to Make Your Instagram Photos Pop

Are you ready to take your Instagram page to the next level? Whether you’re just starting out or already have a following, it’s essential that your photos look as good as possible.

But how do you make sure they stand out?

Here are 6 fresh tips for making your Instagram photos stand out in an interesting and engaging way.

  1. Get creative with angles

    Play around with different angles when taking a photo. Don’t always stick with the same perspective; instead, be creative and try to show the world from new points of view.

    Clothes do not always want to be shown in a flat-lay photo.

    Makeup and food kinda do, but you don’t have to always take the photo from above - try a side view, too.

    It can be difficult to find the perfect angle but experimenting is key. If you never know if a particular shot will be good, that’s fine! Just snap it and see.

    If you take a photo and find that you’d rather have it flipped, you can use Adobe’s free Mirror Picture tool to create a mirror image.

  2. Make use of light

    Natural light is the best kind of light for taking pictures because it is soft and flattering.

    Beginners are usually told to stay away from artificial lighting, like fluorescent lights, which can cause harsh shadows or wash out colors in your photos.

    But harsh light can be used in creative ways, too: It does not have to shine into your face, let it fall on your back or into your hair.

  3. Use the macro function on your phone

    Macro mode is available on most phones. It allows you to snap sharp photos from just a few inches length. If you use a DSLR, macro mode will also blur everything out of focus nicely.

    That makes for beautiful detailed pictures of makeup and jewelry, especially if you’re wearing anything that sparkles.

  4. Experiment with movement

    In the era of the perfect, polished, aesthetic flat-lay, daring to post a hint of chaos can be a fun way to get attention.

    There are several ways to do that. If you take fashion or makeup photos, an easy one is by letting your photo deliberately go out of focus. That’s a very indie vibe as well, the classic perfectly imperfect look.

  5. Add props

    Props are an easy way to add interest and depth to any photo – just make sure not to overdo it! Props can include anything from sunglasses and hats, to flowers and other items that match the theme of your photo shoot. Be creative and see what fun combinations you come up with!

  6. Add a color contrast

    Color is often overlooked when taking pictures, but it plays an important role in creating visually stimulating images!

    Incorporate bold colors into your shots by adding colorful backdrops, props or makeup – this will help draw attention and add some life into your picture.

With these tips for making your Instagram photos more interesting, we hope that we’ve inspired you to start creating amazing content for everyone who follows along with what’s happening on your profile!

Remember – if at first you don’t succeed, keep trying until something clicks – practice makes perfect after all. The most important thing is having fun while exploring photography and seeing where it takes you!

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