The best of aesthetic bangs: 15+ bangs hairstyles for 2023

The best of aesthetic bangs: 15+ bangs hairstyles for 2023

Hairstyle by @manemisfit on IG

In her iconic book, “Just Kids,” Patti Smith recalls how dramatically her social life shifted when she went for the daring bob with curtain bangs to mirror Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones.

She wasn’t trying to seek attention with that choice and so it was astonishing to her when she found that her artistic peers began showing more respect towards her.

Someone even commented that they initially assumed she was a country singer due to the plain long blunt cut with parting in the center that she wore before.

Bangs always come off more expressive

Haircuts with bangs always come off more aesthetic than styles with no fringe, because they add texture and dimension to the hair. Bangs can completely change how your hair frames the face.

This can create a more flattering look, of course, but that’s not all there is to it. It can just really make you look like you are taking a stand, expressing something - like you care.

A well cut fringe can also be used to accentuate certain features, like eyes or cheekbones, which is why many celebrities often choose to wear them even before they become a trend. This year, the aesthetic bangs looks are varied and range from blunt cuts to side-swept styles.

15+ best aesthetic hairstyles with bangs

So, let’s look at the list of aesthetic bangs hairstyles that you should try in 2023!

  • Blunt Bangs - The classic and chic blunt cut is timeless and perfect for any face shape or style.

IG credits - color by, cut by @lincoln_lane, makeup by @elliefranke, photo by @charlieathaus, model @niapril5

  • Curtain Bangs - The classic 70s retro. This style gives you a more modern, dreamy aesthetic with its side-swept appeal.

IG @studiolioness

  • Wispy Bangs - As all things cute and dainty usually are, these wispy bangs are a popular K-beauty trend, but they also work as a 90s throwback. They look cute and dainty but they still add a lot of texture to your cut.


  • Textured Bangs - The natural blunt texture gives this look more volume than traditional blunt bangs, perfect for an effortless aesthetic.

IG @brendaracelihair

  • Choppy Bangs - These bangs add some edginess to your look and are great for those with straight hair.

IG @jayne_edosalon

  • Side-Swept Bangs - This style is perfect if you want to keep your length but still want a fringe that frames the face well.

IG @manemisfit

  • Feathered Bangs - For those with wavy hair, feathered bangs are a great way to show off your natural texture.

IG @hairgoeschels

  • Thick Bangs - Thick bangs give you a bold aesthetic and are perfect for oval or heart-shaped faces.

IG @brendaracelihair

  • Layered Bangs - These layered bangs look beautiful on any face shape and give your cut some depth.

IG @lenas_kasimidou

  • Middle Part Bangs - Also called long curtain bangs. For those who want a more subtle aesthetic, these bangs are perfect for you!

IG @brendaracelihair

  • Baby Bangs - These tiny fringe bangs draw attention to the eyes and add an effortless edge to your look.

IG @belavishhh

  • Asymmetrical Bangs - If you want something a bit more daring, asymmetrical bangs are a great way to make a statement.

IG @mo.nakay

  • Short Bangs - These bangs give off an edgy and modern aesthetic with less hair around the face.

IG @loisgooijers

  • Sweeping Bangs - These sweeping bangs are perfect if you want to keep your hair long but still have some of the aesthetic of a fringe.

IG @manemisfit

  • Shaggy Bangs - Shaggy bangs add texture and dimension to any hairstyle, giving you an effortlessly cool aesthetic.

IG @mandaziegelman

Retro aesthetic bangs work with any hair structure

In the 20th century, bangs were a popular hairstyle in several subcultures and generations throughout the decades. From the roaring 1920s to the 1950s, bangs seems to have been always a trend.

During the jazz era, iconic hairstyles such as the short bob cut with straight, blunt bangs became a popular expression of the changing times. These modern aesthetic hairstyles became associated with independence never before seen in modern history and that allure has not really left the aesthetic bangs styles every since.

And before we close off the list of 15 aesthetic bangs hair cuts for this year: Yes, you can definitely wear aesthetic bangs with curly hair.

The key to wearing bangs and curls together is to make sure that the bangs are cut and styled in a way to accommodate your curl pattern. Curls will fold the way they want to, don’t fight them.

If you have tight curls, one option is to get a fringe of tiny soft curls that frame your face. These bangs can be cut just above the eyebrows and blended into the rest of the hair for a natural look. To style them, use a light styling cream or curl-defining mousse and scrunch the bangs up for a defined and bouncy finished look.

Bangs have been a popular hairstyle throughout the decades, from the 1920s to today. They can add texture and dimension to your hair, creating a more flattering look and expressing something - like you care. Bangs can also be used to accentuate certain features in your face, like eyes or cheekbones. This year, aesthetic bangs looks are varied and range from blunt cuts to side-swept styles.

No matter what aesthetic bangs style you choose, it’s important to keep in mind that bangs can take some time to grow out if you decide you don’t like them. So make sure to properly care for your aesthetic bangs by keeping them trimmed and conditioned, and you’ll be rocking this aesthetic look all year long!