Cosmetic Tattoos: 5 Less Known Types To Inspire You!

Cosmetic Tattoos: 5 Less Known Types To Inspire You!

The practice of cosmetic tattooing is well-liked as a way to improve eyelashes, brows, and lips.

Men and women can both benefit from this semi-permanent cosmetic option’s various benefits, which include the ability to adjust color of their lips or eyebrows.

These are the fundamentals of cosmetic tattooing, which you can use to balance your brows, add a beauty spot, deepen the color of your lips, or optically thicken your lashes.

Most people just go for a tattoo to restore their look from back when they were younger. Lip color tattoos can do that as well as overline it to make your lips seem fuller.

But you can be more creative that that and add freckles or even optically improve your bone structure.

Read below for five of the top cosmetic tattooing techniques that could work for you.

1. Permanent Eyeliner

This is a cosmetic tattoo that will make your eyelashes look thicker, just like an eyeliner does. Except with it you won’t need to wear eyeliner every day.

This type of tattoo is known as permanent eyeliner, often known as an eyeliner tattoo. Similar to tattooing, permanent eyeliner is administered by placing ink under the skin along the upper eyelid. The ink is permanent and only needs to be touched up every 3 to 5 years.

There are a lot of permanent eyeliner styles to choose from, it all depends on which one you think will look the best with your favorite aesthetics. They all have a different look - ranging from little, realistic lines to larger, artsy ones. A

s a type of trial run for a permanent style, some prefer to start the treatment with a less-permanent lash line enhancement. This way, you can then see which looks work best with your unique eye shape.

2. Microblading

The most well-known type of permanent cosmetic at the moment is microblading. Also, words like “brow feathering” and “micro shading” might be used when talking about this tattoo.

Microblading is another name for an eyebrow tattoo. It paints individual hair strokes and gives the illusion of genuinely thick eyebrow hair.

Cosmetic tattoo artists that specialize in this technique use a pen with a very thin tip to put pigment right under the skin. The most crucial thing to do before making an appointment is to look at some samples of your artist’s prior work and judge whether or not you like them.

If filling in your brows is an important part of your regular beauty routine, you should look into microblading as a viable substitute. To its credit, dermatologists have approved of the surgery and many of them claim that the procedure is excellent for regrowing eyebrows.

Like any other sort of tattoo, microblading will eventually disappear. After a year to two years, be prepared to either let go of your tattoo or meet with your tattoo artist for a touch-up appointment.

Whether and when you return is entirely within your control, the pigments are made to fade gradually over time. You won’t have to book any removal procedure if you decide to never touch-up the tattoo.

Some people prefer to book maintenance once the color vibrance starts to wane, others let it almost completely go before they return, yet others merely let it lighten a tiny bit before touching-up.

3. Lip Blushing

The expression “lip blush” refers to a technique that uses a semi-permanent tattoo to outline and fill in your lips.

Lip blushing is the permanent version of cosmetic lip liner and, if well done, has an effect similar to lip fillers. But in addition to making your lips appear bigger, it also balances out the color of your lips. Also, it can look a lot more natural.

Once you’ve decided on the color you want, the professional will apply the pigment using needles to your lips. Ask for a numbing cream beforehand to ensure that you only experience a few short pinches in some places. Your lips may feel dry, cracked, or somewhat uncomfortable while they are healing, but everything will be alright in a week.

If you like your lips overlined, you don’t like chemical fillers, and you spend way too much time and effort trying to find the correct lip color, lip blushing might be a great permanent makeup alternative to think about.

4. Nose Correction

Nose correction is one of the cosmetic tattoos that can optically change the bone structure of your face.

This cosmetic tattoo method can assist if your nose’s shape bothers you.

You can give your facial features some much-needed clarity by getting a tattoo where your nose meets your forehead or where your brows meet your eyes.

5. Freckles

People who have natural freckles often despise them, but people who do not have them paint them on. That’s the way it is with beauty…

You can easily use makeup to add freckles or to paint on a beauty mark, but if you do that every day, you might as well have them tattooed on.

Tattoo artists use a rotary motor or a single needle to apply semi-permanent freckles, so you get the most delicate look.

If you’re tired of spending half your salary on things you don’t actually desire and want a beautiful appearance throughout the whole day, permanent cosmetics are without a doubt the way to go. However, before you make an appointment, do your research and find a specialist who has the training, expertise, and licensure you require in the area. We hope this article will be of help to you!