Cottagecore Aesthetic Wallpapers From Indie Artists (Curated List)

Cottagecore Aesthetic Wallpapers From Indie Artists (Curated List)

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Cottagecore is a style that harkens back to simpler times – a world of cottage gardens, rustic homesteads, and charming country cottage decor. And cottagecore aesthetic wallpapers are the perfect way to bring this timeless look into your home.

How do you make it work in the digital age?

Well, the simplest ever way is to get cottagecore aesthetic backgrounds.

With cottagecore in particular you are super lucky. There is a huge trend of using cottagecore themed wall art as a way to spice up a minimalist interior.

I can see the appeal of that. Cottagecore wall art are usually prints and reproductions of portraits of beautiful 18th century ladies, or of landscape views of English countryside.

These days, tons of vendors sell high-definition digital files for the customers to print at home - not the finished rolled or framed art posters. Turns out, you can use these as desktop backgrounds just the same - even on very large screens.

They usually don’t cost much over 5 USD and on marketplaces like Etsy and the download is instant.

Below is the best I found among digital fine art in the cottagecore style. Support the indie artist and buy the full high-definition version!

1. English vintage ladies in portrait wallpapers

SilverLiningArtStore, fine art reproductions on Etsy

AntiqueWhiteArt, digital fine art reproductions on Etsy (HD without watermark)

TheColorFlow, digital fine art reproductions on Etsy (HD without watermark)

A lot more of these can be found in this post. Here below some a bit newer fine art but the mood is not too far away.

The Green Sofa (Mary Auras), 1903.

John Lavery: My Studio Door, Tangier, 1920.

John Lavery: The Hall of Argyll House, 1930.

John Lavery: Mrs. Rosen’s Bedroom, 1926.

2. Flowers and gardens in cottagecore wallpapers

VintageElegy, digital fine art reproductions on Etsy

FloraBotanicaPrints, digital fine art reproductions on Etsy

BHArtPrint, “A garden indoors”, digital fine art reproductions on Etsy (HD without watermark)

A lot more stunning landscape painting digital downloads are also on the Etsy shop CelestesCaseStudio.

3. Abstract cottagecore prints as wallpapers

ArtPatternDesigns, PNG digital seamless patterns on Etsy

Irina Clares, print designer with portfolio here

Uncredited floral patterns, but similar are also here: Neville Trickett fabric patterns on Flickr

Choosing a cottagecore aesthetic wallpaper for your home or computer can be more than just a decorative choice – it can be an act of self-care that helps to stimulate and uplift you.

In our technology-heavy modern lives, it is important to take time out for ourselves and cottagecore wallpapers can help facilitate this much-needed break. By surrounding ourselves with cottagecore images, we are reminded of the beauty to be found in nature and can take a moment to appreciate its significance.

Whether it’s a cottage garden, rustic homestead or charming cottage decor, cottagecore aesthetic wallpapers provide us with an opportunity to pause and remember life’s simple pleasures.

Why cottagecore wallpaper

Cottagecore is a style that celebrates the beauty of natural surroundings, rustic homesteads and cottage gardens. It’s a romanticized vision of simpler times, when life was more peaceful and nature was unspoiled.

Through cottagecore aesthetic wallpapers, you can bring this timeless look into your home to create an atmosphere of warmth and tranquility. Whether it be prints or reproductions of portraits from the 18th century or landscape views from English countryside, cottagecore art will surely add charm to your living space, even if just as a laptop wallpaper.

In today’s busy era, cottagecore offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Its aesthetic celebrates the beauty of nature and its unspoiled surroundings, which can soothe our anxiety and stress while providing a sense of comfort and tranquility.

The cottagecore look also taps into nostalgia for simpler times, enabling us to take a break from constantly being connected to the digital world and reconnect with nature. By decorating our living spaces with cottagecore aesthetic wallpapers or artwork prints, we are able to create an atmosphere that is calming and restorative.

With cottagecore art pieces in our home, we can slow down to appreciate both the beauty of life’s simple pleasures as well as enjoy moments of peace amidst all the chaos around us.

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Disclaimer: Please support the artist. Any artworks displayed on this page are shown in good faith with the goal to promote the work of the artist. HD versions are available for sale via the respective artists' platforms.