6 Indie Things For Your Room For Instant Indie Vibe

6 Indie Things For Your Room For Instant Indie Vibe

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The indie design vibe in interior design is cool, eclectic, and a little bit funky. It often incorporates vintage or antique elements, as well as elements from different cultures and time periods. That’s why the absolutely easiest way to pull off an indie room design is by collecting souvenirs from travels.

Indie designs are supposed to be unique and one-of-a-kind, and they can add a lot of personality and character to a room.

You don’t have to remodel and overhaul everything when you want to go indie style. The same thing that Vogue popularised in fashion works in indie decor as well: Buy one statement piece from a designer, let the rest be generic.

If you are looking for cool indie things to put in your room, here are some ideas from instagram:

  1. A cool indie poster art. So easy to pull off, won’t break the bank.

    Etsy: BlueLagoonPrintCo Red London poster

    Etsy: BirdyShopFinds Matisse poster prints

    IG: @casual_polar_bear

    Etsy: GoPosterStore

    Etsy: ProjectNordCph Abstract sun boho poster

  2. Hand-drawn illustrations. If you can draw a piece of wall art, go for it! Can’t go more indie than that. Otherwise, Etsy is your friend.

    Etsy: emiliedrawsthings Ramen noodle cat illustration

    Etsy: cultsketch Black Swan movie illustration

    Etsy: MrWatsonDesign Blackbird illustration

    Etsy: LakesideStudioPrints Hong Kong illustration

    Etsy: miraalou Hanging in there wall art

    Etsy: cultsketch Parasite movie illustration

  3. Print or Boho Rugs

    Etsy: HomeDecorCarpet Keep off rug

    Etsy: UsaLeatherWallet Boho rug

    Etsy: RugandLoom Area rug

    Etsy: chouhanrugs Jute rug

  4. Cozy indie light fixtures. Put your light near the walls where the light will bounce off the wall to get maximum coziness effect.

    Etsy: SONLINER Mini pinecone light fixture

    Etsy: VietmadeHomeArt Rattan pendants

    Etsy: CharmClayArt Vintage wall lamp

  5. Tons of mini-posters. There are Etsy vendors who make small prints of movie and music themed cards. Buy the whole kit and put them up in a single frame as one giant collage.

    Etsy: MBPhotoWalls

    Etsy: AestheticWallPrint

    Etsy: kamscollage Band mini-posters (digital file, you have to print it yourself)

  6. Knick-knacks, art and small decorations…In large amounts. Could be souvenirs too, if you like traveling. They’ll carry a lot of memories for you which will make you feel more at home in your room.

    Etsy: RetroDecor6 old vinyls for room decor

    Etsy: GoPosterStore customer review

    Etsy: VintageWallGraphics illustrations

  7. Concrete and structures. OK, the last indie thing on the list is not cheap nor easy to do. But plastic structures on the wall will do that indie effect so well it’s worth to mention them just to leave you with extra inspiration.

    IG: @sansnovazuhause

    _IG: @smnstr__

Indie designs are cool and different. They can make your room look really cool and stylish. If you are looking for some cool indie things to put in your room, here are some ideas.

Indie interior design is becoming more popular these days. If you want to make your room look cool and stylish, but you want to make it quick and easy, you can try incorporating some small indie style items into your room decor.

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