Embrace the Nostalgia: Korean Vintage Aesthetic Outfits Inspo

Embrace the Nostalgia: Korean Vintage Aesthetic Outfits Inspo

Korean vintage fashion is a strange cat. The trends in Korean pop culture and fashion scene change all the time and it doesn’t seem to be a thing to co-opt traditional clothes in a kind of revival.

Vietnamese fashion is a little more interesting in that. It’s known that in the 60s, Vietnamese women started to wear their traditional ao dai shorter by way of their own take on the mini skirt trend that just started rocking the world.

There is still a way to get a good K-fashion retro look. The way most of the internet seems to go about is to take some vintage-looking elements that are used heavily in Korean fashion and styling them far more conservative than what’s the norm today. Add to that a giant bow and loafer flats, and you’re done.

So that means you’ll get to use your longer cottagecore dresses or most 50s vintage dresses, if they are classic enough. The K-fashion look then would be to put a light academia frilly shirt under that dress or if you prefer a plain shirt, finish the look with a bow.

50s inspired two-piece on Etsy: FairyAdorable

Vintage fashion and retro fashion might seem like interchangeable terms, but the two are actually quite different.

Vintage fashion is any clothing style or piece of clothing that has its roots in the past; it is considered to be at least 20 years old.

Retro fashion, on the other hand, is a style that was originally popular during a certain era and came back into fashion at a later point in time, slightly rehashed.

Korean vintage aesthetic is a combination of both styles, offering the perfect mix of nostalgia and modern flair. If you’re looking for a kawaii or K-fashion looks, you don’t need to go into traditional Korean clothes at all.

Retro checkered dress on Etsy: FairyAdorable

Cinnamon knit dress on Etsy: coolSWEEZI

Retro shirt on Etsy: FairyAdorable

Bow-tie dress on Etsy: NBSleekStyle

60s-70s inspired dress from Etsy: 20stCenturyStore

Cottagecore dress with K-fashion bows on Starlight Fair

Dress from Rose Gal

Long pink princess dress from Etsy: 0stitches

Mini dress from Etsy: EZlifePluss

The vintage aesthetic with Korean flair is a bit like a dressy, 19th century light academia.

Keep the arms and legs covered and the dresses feminine and cinched at waist. With a couple of accessories you will get the vibe perhaps even without buying anything new.

It helps if you already have some dresses that you got for the cottagecore or princesscore aesthetics.

Cottagecore is a romantic fashion trend inspired by the aesthetics of the 19th century countryside. This style often focuses on ethereal dresses, blouses and skirts made of natural materials such as linen, cotton, and lace.

The goal is to romanticize a simpler way of life and evoke feelings of nostalgia, comfort and whimsy.

Princess-like dresses are a mainstay in Korean fashion, and for good reason.

The romantic and ethereal aesthetic of these dresses is perfect for achieving that kawaii look, or K-fashion as it’s often called.

From delicate lace to bejeweled details, these dresses are the epitome of class and elegance.

There is still room for tomboy outfits

White shirt from Starlight Fair

White bow-tie shirt from Etsy: studio731

Boyish knit and shorts from Etsy: FairyAdorable

Fashion enthusiasts love Korean fashion for many reasons. Not only does it offer bold and modern looks, but also a touch of nostalgia from traditional styles. While the trends in Korean pop culture and fashion are ever-changing, there is something timeless about the vintage aesthetic that has endured through the years.

Korean vintage fashion draws heavily from traditional and Western 50s-inspired styles, and is an excellent way to give a nod to the past. Its light academia frills and kawaii elements will make you stand out from the crowd.

With just a few items in your wardrobe, you can easily create korean vintage outfits that will express your unique style.