Most Valuable Teenage Fashion Advice

Most Valuable Teenage Fashion Advice

Hero photo by @cristinaccalvo. All outfits below from Princess Polly

As a teenager, it’s crucial that you learn to make smart fashion choices. Avoid fashion trends that are too juvenile and opt for timeless and fashionable styles instead.

Consider purchasing from ethical and sustainable fashion brands that adhere to high social and environmental standards for ensuring stylish clothing that will outlive its life span while simultaneously protecting the planet. Doing this can ensure a better shopping experience while protecting our natural resources. Fashion is important for teenagers so making mistakes can be problematic. Here’s how to avoid some very common ones.

Find Your Personal Style

As teens transition between middle school and high school, their appearance plays an essential role in how others perceive them. Therefore, it’s essential that they develop an individual style that complements both their character and personality.

Help your teen build their wardrobe by encouraging them to experiment with different clothing styles, which will allow them to stand out and feel more secure in themselves.

Encourage them to add stylish accessories to their outfits, such as modern watches, cool sunglasses, hats, scarves, belts, and bags - this will show them that being stylish while being environmentally-friendly can coexist! Also help them find footwear produced ethically - showing them it is possible to look fashionable while being mindful of our environment!

Don’t Over Accessorize

One of the biggest mistakes teenage girls make is over-accessorizing. While adding just a few well-selected pieces can add flair and style, too many accessories can look messy and overbearing - encourage her to select just a few key pieces and let them stand out on their own.

Leather bands, braided bracelets, chunky jeweled bangles, wooden bangles, beaded braceletsiiiii, charm braceletsi, wristlets and shell bracelets are some of the popular choices that women can wear to look fashionable and chic. She may also add modern watches and cool sunglasses for added flair!

Make sure the shoes she selects to go with her fashionable outfits are of top-quality, comfortable, and ethically produced. Selecting footwear that complements both skin tone and outfit will save her money in the long run.

Don’t Wear Clothes That Don’t Fit

Wearing clothing that does not fit properly can make your body appear bigger or smaller than it really is. To look fashionable, avoid wearing loose-fitting shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies that do not sit properly against your body.

Purchase quality footwear that complements her outfits while meeting ethical production standards to help her look stylish while feeling great about how she’s dressed. This will help your teen feel confident about herself when dressing herself up each day!

Encourage your teen to explore different looks. Girly attire like wrap dresses can accentuate a bustier figure while longer flared styles draw the eye towards smaller waists. Sneakers add an athletic edge that stands out from the crowd and allows your teen to express themselves freely without caring too much about what other people think of their look. This will increase confidence while giving them their own distinct style that stands out from the crowd and allows them to express their personality freely without overly worrying about what other people may think of them.

Wear Bright Colors

Trends come and go quickly, making it hard to know when the right time is to wear bright colors. Don’t feel limited by traditional notions of formality when it comes to choosing bold hues - instead use accessories and clothing pieces in vibrant hues to spice up neutral tones for maximum impact!

Example: Pair a vibrant teal striped crop top with neutral denims and a white sweater for an eye-catching ensemble. Accessorize with colorful accents like jewelry or junk bangles; jazz up any plain ensemble with eye catching shoes like these leopard print heels to complete your ensembles. Remember not to overdo a particular hue as too much of any single shade may look overwhelming; pair bright hues with more subdued hues of the same hue to achieve balance and avoid overwhelming yourself visually.