Indie Makeup Inspo: The Vibrant Vibe of Raspberry Red Lips

Indie Makeup Inspo: The Vibrant Vibe of Raspberry Red Lips

A lot of indie aesthetics are all about standing out from the crowd and embracing bold, vibrant looks. Drawing inspiration from music and social media, our generation is characterized by their willingness to experiment with different styles and colors. Aesthetic looks are just like putting on a costume, which is fun.

There’s lately this new trend on Instagram which is called the dark femininity. We are surely going to write a lot more on that very soon, but let’s take that step by step. After all, it’s not like the look is completely brand new.

To give the gist of it, dark femininity in beauty and fashion is about putting forward your dark, femme fatale side. This is a look that has been around probably for centuries, each era just gave that its own spin. And what better way to show off your dark and femme side than with deep, raspberry red lip color?

This classic look is making a comeback in a big way and is sure to add vibrancy and new character to a lot of the darker aesthetics that might be on the verge of boring you at this point.

At the same time, it’s not like you cannot wear a statement raspberry lip during the day. It’s just about making the look sharp and minimalist then.

Etsy: FierceMagenta - Raspberry Red Lipstick in Desire

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Either way, as you can see, whether you’re looking to create an everyday look or go all out and rock the red carpet worthy look, a raspberry red lip will undoubtedly make you stand out.

Stand Out, Be Bold… Like The Dark Femme

No longer just a shade of red lipstick, the look of raspberry red lips has been embraced by celebrities around the world. From award-winning actresses to singers, everyone seems to be getting in on the trend.

Celebrities like Kehlani and Rihanna have opted for raspberry red lips on the red carpet and have rocked the daring look effortlessly. For the singer-songwriter, Kehlani, it was a deep raspberry red that enhanced her look and her Top 40 hit. Rihanna, on the other hand, owned the red carpet in a ruby-colored gloss that matched her statement dress.

Raspberry red lips can be perfectly complemented by warm-toned eyeshadows and simple hairstyles. Team it with a minimalist, monochrome ensemble for a cute and effortless ensemble. Bonus points if it’s baggy!

IG @madeupbykaty wearing Hourglass Unlocked saying créme lipstick in Fauna

Raspberry red lips can invoke a special kind of confidence and daring style. Stars like Scarlett Johansson and Zendaya have also opted for the look of raspberry red lips to enhance their vibrant look. For Scarlett, it was a touch of soft raspberry red that she teamed up with a classic black ensemble. As for Zendaya, she chose a deep raspberry red colour that worked well with her dark fitted dress and silver hoop earrings.

There is just so much to do with a simple statement lip! For a bolder vibe, you can always pair raspberry red with bright colors on your eyes. A graphic eyeliner in colors such as yellow, green, or light blue is one easy road to that look. Compliment the raspberry lips with lighter, cooler shades, such as pinks and purples, for an overall look that is both fresh and understated.

No matter what kind of look you embrace, raspberry red lips have a certain kind of flair and can look great no matter what you want to pair the lipstick with. It’s a look that is versatile and can be adopted in a unique way to suit your own individual style.