Healthy Skin: Steps That Shouldn't Miss In Your Maintenance Routine

Healthy Skin: Steps That Shouldn't Miss In Your Maintenance Routine

Your skin’s the largest organ in your body, so keeping it healthy is super important. Besides, everyone wants to show off a healthy glow, so they look beautiful and young.

Here, we’re going to talk about some ways that you can maintain healthy skin. Read on to learn how you can both look great and feel great.

Moisturize Regularly

Moisturizing is the main way you can combat dry skin. It keeps you looking and feeling healthy. You’ll have a soft glow and won’t need to worry about cracking or itchy skin.

There are tons of awesome moisturizers out there. Brands like L’Oreal and Neutrogena have pretty good over-the-counter options. But nothing compares to a mattifying moisturizer for oily skin and the benefits it comes with. This won’t just fight against dryness but also will stop your skin from becoming oily and breaking out.

Make sure that you put on your moisturizer every morning. You don’t want to miss one. That would make your chances of skin dryness and irritation go up a lot. You can also put it on at night if you want after taking off your makeup. Since your skin naturally heals while you’re sleeping, the moisturizer could really help you out.

Turmeric And Papaya Face Serum with Vitamin C by Semveta (Etsy)

Exfoliate Everywhere

When you exfoliate your skin, you’re getting rid of dead skin cells. Once they leave your skin’s surface, your pores will open up. You’ll stay fresh and vibrant because, simply put, your skin’s alive.

To exfoliate the right way, you’ll need something coarse and granular. There are lots of creams and salves that you can get at basically any drugstore for exfoliation. But there are also more natural products like Lush’s honey/almond Scrubee bar. The almonds are the coarse thing that sloughs off the dead cells.

Make sure that you exfoliate your entire body. If you just do your face, you’re going to have trouble with your arms and legs. Since this skin’s also important and can chap and dry, just apply the exfoliant while you’re in the shower every two or three days.

Use the Right Makeup

If you’re like most women, makeup’s probably a big part of your everyday life. It can help you look good and feel good. Plus, it’s a good way to stay confident and look professional while at work.

Sadly, lots of makeup products are pretty low-quality. Drugstore foundations and concealers use a ton of alcohol and artificial chemicals. These can irritate your skin after a while. They can also make your face feel dry and cracked.

One thing’s for sure - you want to avoid cheap makeup.

Try to get some of 2023’s best high-end makeup. It might cost a little more, but it’s a good investment. It’ll help keep your skin fresh and smooth.

Also, better-quality mascara and lipstick tend to look better. They’ll stay on all day. You won’t need to worry about faded and uneven makeup.

Don’t Use Overly Strong Products (Or Not All The Time)

You can have too much of a good thing. Like bad-quality makeup, anything with a high concentration of active ingredients in it can be bad news for your skin, if you use it too often.

Examples of strong products are chemical peels, retinol serums or acid serums. If you are tempted to use one of these every day, don’t. Use one of these two or three times a week and let your skin rest and use a plain old moisturizer on the days between.

Of course, use whole, natural products whenever you can. If they’re not available, you can also use other things with no harsh ingredients on the label. This will work wonders in preventing dry skin and irritation.

Usually, heavily scented products are riskier in terms of skin irritation. Try to get something that’s either unscented or has natural scents on the label. Chemicals are usually irritants, and you really don’t want them on your face… especially by your eyes and mouth.

Vegan peptide moisturizer by HabitOf, US-based indie skin brand, via Etsy

Avoid Too Much Sun

Getting some sun is good for people. It gives you vitamin D, so you can prevent depression and stay in good shape. But the amount required to get vitamin D is quite low. On the other hand, too much UV rays can do a huge number on your skin.

You’ll probably get a sunburn, which itches and burns and chafes. It also can damage your skin cells.

Use protective clothes or sunscreen.

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Get Enough Sleep

One great natural way to get better skin is to sleep right. Poor sleep is associated with:

  • Aging and wrinkles
  • Low skin barrier function
  • Blemishes
  • Poorly-exfoliated skin
  • Dark circles under the eyes
  • Puffiness

This is because your body’s going to expel toxins while you sleep. It’ll get rid of dead skin cells and make new ones to replace them. To promote detoxification and skin exfoliation, taking real mushrooms extract before sleep complements a good night’s sleep. This will wake you up relaxed and refreshed.

So, put your phone away before bed and get your full 8 hours every night. Your skin will thank you, much like your overall mood will.

Maintain Healthy Skin the Right Way

Maintaining healthy skin can be a challenge, but having the right products and routine can help. You’ll be able to retain a soft glow, stay moist and comfortable, and look young. Do your research and learn the best ways that people like you can look and feel great.