Vintage Aesthetic Jewelry: How To Choose A Statement Piece (Inspo)

Vintage Aesthetic Jewelry: How To Choose A Statement Piece (Inspo)

Vintage aesthetic jewelry - or, let’s face it, vintage-looking jewelry from Etsy - can be such a great statement piece.

Statement pieces are a paradox. When you see one in the store, you think, “bold choice - but it doesn’t go with anything, “ and you buy a fifty-fifth plain dainty minimalist pendant chain because that is the versatile choice. But then you rarely wear it, because…Well, because it fits too well with with what you already have.

Statement pieces are not meant to fit into your wardrobe, they are meant to bring new spirit into it.

This is a guide on how to choose the perfect vintage style jewelry to make a basic outfit into an aesthetic one.

Oversized vintage earrings

Oversized earrings are perfect for the current trend of minimalist maximalism: Chunky jewelry seems to be the choice of the season to make a statement without making your outfit too busy.

The trick is to choose pieces that are vintage-inspired but not overly vintage. Consider mixing modern materials like hammered metal, crystals and semi-precious stones with vintage shapes.

Art decor earrings made of gold and cubic zirconia (Etsy: VioGemini)

Bold vintage rings

The ring stacks are still a trend and they go with several different aesthetics - boho, coconut girl, danish pastel….And if you choose plain bands with only dainty stones, that’s a ring style that’s even seen in classic looks.

Cottagecore style cameo ring from Shelley Cooper ( / Etsy: ShelleyCooperJewelry)

Large vintage brooches

Large vintage brooches can be a great way to add a 50s flair to an outfit. These pins are perfect for dressy looks and look especially beautiful in vintage fabrics like lace and velvet, but also work well with modern takes like leather jackets or distressed jeans.

Not a brooch but a jazzy headpiece, inspired by the roaring 20s (Etsy: VioGemini)

Bold vintage necklaces

Necklaces have to be bold, vintage-inspired and memorable. You can choose something vintage-looking or opt for vintage reproduction pieces. Look for large pendants, layered necklaces and chunky chains with unusual shapes and materials, like silver, gold and pearls.

Mysterious Art Deco style set from Shelley Cooper ( / Etsy: ShelleyCooperJewelry)

Chunky vintage chains

Steampunk-inspired thick chain necklaces are not expensive and can really make an outfit. Look for vintage-inspired pieces with unusual shapes and materials, such as vintage gold or silver.

When it comes to vintage aesthetic jewelry, the key is to mix styles and choose pieces that have a vintage feel but are still up-to-date.

Modern spin on baroque with a frashwater pearl on a Y-necklace of gold-pleated brass chain (Etsy: GAJewelryStory)

Intricate vintage bracelets

Bracelets can be stacked just like rings, although if you’re going for a vintage look, you might actually be looking for cottagecore bracelets. It was not the custom to wear super thick stacks, but well, it’s 2023 - we can do whatever we want.

Ring charm bracelet by Shelley Cooper ( / Etsy: ShelleyCooperJewelry)

Jeweled vintage tiaras

Tiaras are a beautiful element of the witchy aesthetic which is a style that roots in the 1970s. Of course you get fairy and goblincore tiaras as well - you can make it as soft or as dark as you wish.

Jazz era style flapper headband (Etsy: VioGemini)

Embellished vintage belts

Vintage belts can be a great way to embellish an outfit and add vintage flair. Look for leather belts with vintage-inspired buckles, vintage textiles and other vintage elements like charms or coins.

Overall, vintage aesthetic jewelry is the perfect way to make even the most basic of outfits look party chic.

Boho leather belt with blue onyx gem (Etsy: ChristinaChristiJls)

Colorful vintage charms

Colorful vintage charms can be a great way to add vintage flair to any outfit. Look for vintage-inspired pieces in an array of materials and shapes. Combine different styles for a unique look.

By mixing vintage aesthetic jewelry with modern trends, you can create the perfect vintage style aesthetic that reflects your personality and individual sense of style.

Garnet set from Shelley Cooper ( / Etsy: ShelleyCooperJewelry)

Funky vintage anklets

Funky vintage anklets are a great way to add vintage flair to any look. Look for vintage-inspired pieces with unusual shapes and materials, like vintage silver or gold. They can be worn with anything from dresses to jeans and sneakers.

Minimalist Art Deco style anklet (Etsy: Falook)

Fashion enthusiasts love vintage jewelry because it gives them the perfect way to express their individual style. Vintage pieces stand out in a crowd, and can be tailored to fit any personal aesthetic. Plus, vintage jewelry is often made with higher quality materials than modern pieces, giving vintage items a longer lifespan.

Other than the practical side, adding vintage pieces to a wardrobe is an easy way to incorporate timeless indie aesthetics such as cottagecore and art deco. Cottagecore vintage jewelry often features floral motifs, intricate details, and delicate charms. These pieces can be layered together for an ethereal look that hints at a past era.

Art deco vintage jewelry is characterized by geometric shapes and bold designs. These vintage pieces demand attention with their unique angles and structured lines, making them a great choice for those who want to make a bold statement.

Obviously, when choosing vintage aesthetic jewelry for your wardrobe, it’s important to consider the occasion and what kind of look you’re going for. For example, if you are attending a formal event, opting for vintage-style pieces such as delicate brooches or vintage-style rings would be the perfect accessory to complete your look. On the other hand, if you are attending a more casual event, vintage-style necklaces and earrings can add an extra touch of personality to your outfit.

Vintage aesthetic jewelry has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to add a vintage-inspired touch to any outfit. Whether it’s an old brooch, vintage necklace, or vintage earrings, vintage style jewelry can easily give any look an upgraded, timeless feel. Unlike traditional vintage jewelry pieces which can be very expensive and hard to find, vintage aesthetic jewelry is typically affordable and easy to get a hold of.