5 Things That Can Make Planning A Bachelorette Party Easier

5 Things That Can Make Planning A Bachelorette Party Easier

While getting married is great, sometimes the most exciting part of the marriage process is having a bachelorette party. These parties are the time to finally let your hair down, get loose, and have fun, so it is important that the party goes off without a hitch.

Planning a bachelorette party and getting everyone together can sometimes be a difficult task, what with everyone’s busy schedules. However, thankfully there are ways to make planning a bachelorette super easy! Want to know more? Then follow along to find out.

1. Organize A Group Chat Straight Away

Before you even think about planning anything - create a group chat! We all know how difficult it can be to compare everyone’s schedules, so you can save yourself a lot of hassle by simply having everyone in the same group chat.

Once you have the chat sorted, you can then ask everyone to send in the dates they are free, and then you can begin to work out a weekend that works for everyone. As well as making everything more convenient, having a group chat means that you can bounce ideas off each other, and come up with some fun activities to do at the bachelorette party.

One person may have been at an amazing bachelorette party and could have lots of great ideas, so it is important to listen to everyone’s suggestions.

2. Work Out A Budget That’s Reasonable For Everyone

It is no secret that weddings are expensive, but you may be surprised to hear that bachelorettes can be costly too! Especially if you are planning a whole weekend bachelorette party, you will need to have a budget behind you.

Now, when you are determining the budget for the bachelorette, you need to ensure the budget is reasonable. Everyone in the bridal party will have different jobs and different salaries, so the budget must work for everyone.

There is no point in planning a grand trip to Vegas if only a handful of people can attend, so spend time working out how much money everyone can reasonably spend. Once you have a detailed and extensive budget planned out, you can then start working on planning the party together.

3. Decide On Activities Together

As the planner of the bachelorette party, you should make sure that you are deciding on the activities with the entire group. Just because you might want a heavy night out on the town, doesn’t mean that everyone wants the same, so it is important that you plan activities everyone can enjoy.

There are hundreds of amazing bachelorette party ideas, so, it is just a case of going through each of those ideas and deciding which one suits everyone. You have to also remember that the bachelorette party is for the bride, so you need to decide on bachelorette party ideas that the bride will enjoy.

If you are unsure what she might like, then perhaps try and sneakily ask her what activities she will want to do and use that information to help you plan the ultimate party.

4. Book Everything In Advanced

If you want to make sure the party goes off without a hitch, then you need to book everything well ahead. Don’t just turn up to a restaurant and hope that they will have room for the entire party, that’s hopeless with any place that is even remotely good.

This may seem like the most obvious point, but you would be surprised to find out just how many people forget to book!

Once everyone has agreed on a budget and agreed on the activities, you should start booking things straight away. While you may think it would be better to share the load and ask everyone to book specific activities, this could lead to confusion, so it’s best to just let one person handle it.

Whoever is the most organized should be the one in charge of the booking process, as this will just save a lot of hassle.

5. Create A Spreadsheet For Itineraries

We have mentioned organization and keeping things scheduled for the bachelorette party, and one easy way to keep everything organized is to create a spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets are such an excellent way to organize a big event like a bachelorette party, so whoever in the group is best at making spreadsheets should start putting one together straight away. In the spreadsheet, you should have a list of activities, the date of each activity, as well as the cost for each.

Having a visual representation of the whole party will allow everyone to clearly understand the schedule for the party and it will eliminate any risk of miscommunication.

But if no one in your social circle is great at putting together spreadsheets, you could use a bachelorette party planning app. Those will essentially do all the work for you.

To sum it up, keeping things organized is the key. Set up a group chat on the IM app you all use and use it to agree on activities and preferences for places to go. Then don’t forget to book those places and make a note in a spreadsheet or an app about the dates and costs.