7 Healthy Lifestyle Habits to Adopt After a Painful Breakup

7 Healthy Lifestyle Habits to Adopt After a Painful Breakup

Falling out of love is terrible. Relationship breakups are painful, and the fact that no one is here to contradict that is not in dispute. You shouldn’t deny or disregard the suffering.

Of course, it does; each time you sever a profound connection, it leaves a mark on both parties. Yet you can get through this difficult time. You are the only one to blame if you give in.

Don’t give in to hopelessness or a life of guilt. You are worthy of more and more powerful than that. But it’s still normal to be completely clueless as to how to handle this.

No worries; we’re here to get you back on your feet and teach you some new skills and habits so you may improve upon your current abilities.

Keep Taking Care of Yourself

Do not, for any reason, give yourself permission to become so disorganized or so mired down with emotions and despondency that you can no longer take care of yourself. This is the worst possible scenario.

Breakups and the related emotional distress may cause sleeplessness and even a decline in immunological function, so it’s clearly better not to let things reach that point.

Keep in mind the fundamentals: get enough rest, drink your water, stick to your workout schedule, and eat as healthily as you can. These are only the beginning.


Whether you are planning to stay friends with your ex or not, or even get back together or not, it is usually a good idea to take some time apart from hanging out with one another or communicating.

Try to set some boundaries, and work on yourself so when you see your ex, you are not the same you used to be. For all that to happen, you need some time alone, some time to work things out and figure out what you want.

People You Need

It may take every ounce of will and energy to resist that voice telling you to stay in bed and mourn, but don’t stop fighting that good fight.

Getting out will be good for you, and positive social interactions will make you feel much better, as a study has even found that they can protect against loneliness and depression.

Seek out your family and friends, or any other people who are unconditionally there for you. Lean on their support, allow yourself to soak up their warm compassion, and say yes to any opportunities like coffee or even just hanging out on the couch. You need this.

Healing Takes Time

You have no choice but to come to terms with the fact that mending is going to take time; this is just the way things are; recovering from emotional wounds might take a very long time.

You could even have a comfortable amount of time to yourself until something, perhaps a memory, acts as a catalyst and brings it all back. Acceptance is the first step in working with difficult emotions, which is important since they might appear seemingly out of nowhere.

You will continue to exist after they have gone by even if you give in and let them wash over you.

Feel the Feels

This may seem obvious, but it is crucial to state again. Experiencing the emotions you are right now is normal and healthy; in fact, they serve as a fantastic indicator of how well your future relationships will go.

Ultimately, the upheaval of your emotions will make you more compassionate and understanding. Instead of trying to ignore your emotions, you might try writing them down; it would only take ten to fifteen minutes a day.

Balanced Perspective

Especially in the aftermath of a nasty breakup, it’s tempting to “give yourself over to the dark side” and let all the anger and bitterness wash over you. While this approach can be useful in combat or when facing off against the local bully, it’s best to maintain a level head and avoid becoming engulfed by your negative emotions.

It might help to put yourself in your partner’s shoes and consider the emotions they may have been experiencing and the motivations behind their actions.

We’re not suggesting you go full into a Buddhist stance of extreme nonviolence, but rather that you strike a moderate ground. Don’t allow your emotions to overwhelm you to the point where you stop thinking logically.

Favorite Activities

You might have a lot of extra time on your hands after a breakup. Use it well - it might not last long!

Spend that time on embracing your favorite hobbies and activities — the things you are truly happy getting lost in, be it gaming, specialty coffees, arts and reading, and so on.

Embrace the familiarity and comfort, if not the joy. They will help you move further down the path of healing.

There is no easy path through breakups, and pain is inevitable, but you can get through it with a little help from yourself and a push from others, and maybe come out even better than you were before.