9 Easy Steps To Transform Your Bedroom Into a Pastel Paradise

9 Easy Steps To Transform Your Bedroom Into a Pastel Paradise

Hero image by InspiringAbode on Etsy

Are you ready to give your room a much-needed refresh? Make it feel like home with pastel colors — the perfect way to make your space look chic and inviting.

Whether you’re looking for subtle changes or an entire makeover, these nine easy steps will help you create the perfect pastel paradise.

Step 1: Pick A Color Palette.

The first step in any room transformation is picking out your colors. You can use color wheel tools online, or you can go with current aesthetic combos.

For instance, here’s an easy one - choose muted pastels like baby blues and pinks, creamy yellows and peachy oranges, light greens and lavenders. It’s good to create a cohesive color palette throughout your space.

You can make it as minimalist or as obnoxious as you want to!

Wallpaper by InspiringAbode on Etsy

For yet another soft and sweet look, try the Danish pastel trend. That aesthetic combines might beige or yellow with lavender and pistachio. It’s a subtle but fresh combination of pastels. You can keep your walls white and go for beige curtains and furniture. Your pillows and blankets would then be in shades of lavenders and greens.

Purple and white ombre wallpaper by FEATHRWallpapers on Etsy

Step 2: Paint Your Walls (Or Parts Of Them).

Once you have your colors picked out, it’s time to start painting or choosing your wallpaper.

If you’re not sure, it’s safer to choose a light base color for your walls as this will be the main backdrop for all of your furniture, artwork, and decorations.

You also don’t need to paint all your walls. Putting a patterned wallpaper just behind your bookshelf or over your headboard is a great and simple way to make your bedroom look more aesthetic.

Wallpaper by AnnetWeelinkDesign on Etsy

To add dimension to the room, consider adding an accent wall with a darker shade of one of the colors from your palette.

9 Easy Steps To Transform Your Bedroom Into a Pastel Paradise
9 Easy Steps To Transform Your Bedroom Into a Pastel Paradise
Etsy: TurkishTowelsArt

Step 3: Choose Soft Furnishings.

Now that you have the walls covered, it’s time to move on to accessories for your furniture.

Look for pieces that are made from interesting materials like knit or macrame or linen — these materials will add a natural texture to the room without overwhelming the eye with too much color or pattern.

If possible, try to find furniture pieces in colors that match those in your palette, but that add a little contrast.

The easiest choice is to combine pastel color walls and accessories with light wood and other materials in the light beige tones.

But a far more interesting combo is darker furniture that shares the undertone with your pastel of choice. Look here below at the combination of lilac wallpaper and the pinkish brown furniture.

Wallpaper by AnnetWeelinkDesign on Etsy

This type of soft contrast will help you tie everything together visually. Of course, don’t be shy with your soft furnishing! A luxurious headboard can also really elevate the look of your bedroom!

Step 4: Accessorize With Pastel Decorations.

Once you’ve got all of the larger pieces in place, it’s time for accessories. You probably know that wall art and wall galleries are the easiest way to accentuate the aesthetic of your space, and you can even change them with season.

Your wall art choices can be quite bold - you don’t want your pastel bedroom to look too bland.

A good choice for pastel greens and pinks would be this sort of statement. Artwork via Retrooster on Etsy

You can also look for small items like throw pillows and decorative rugs that are made from fabric in contrasting shades.

Another easy way to add your finishing touches is to place candles around the room for added visual interest.

And of course, don’t forget about plants — they can really bring life into a space.

Muted rose pink natural candles from HeavenlyHomesStore on Etsy

Transforming your room into a pastel paradise doesn’t have to be hard work! With just nine simple steps, you can easily create a beautiful oasis right at home without breaking the bank or taking up too much time in the process. So go ahead—start updating your decor today and let us know how it goes! We can’t wait to see what kind of stunning space you come up with using these tips and tricks. Good luck!