Aesthetic Haircut inspo for the dark side of academia aesthetic

Aesthetic Haircut inspo for the dark side of academia aesthetic

When it comes to dark academia, the beauty look is all about embracing a timeless classic with a modern edge. Think of it as a scholarly yet glamorous aesthetic, a combination of aristocratic elegance and modern chic.

From the dapper tweed blazers to the sleek leather loafers and statement hair accessories, every detail matters. But one of the most important elements in achieving a dark academia look? The perfect haircut.

Whether you’re channeling a 1950s old school style or you’re inspired by the modern edginess of celebrities, there are plenty of cuts that will help bring out your inner dark-ac.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites so you can easily find the perfect cut for your dark academia aesthetic. Get ready to show off your dark and glamorous side in style!

Dark Academia Aesthetic: The Hairstyles You Need to Know

Do you want to transport yourself to a gothic world of dark academia? The good news is: this aesthetic has been on the rise this year, and we’ve seen some stellar fashion and beauty inspiration come from it.

While we’ve already provided tips on dresses, jackets, and accessories, today we’ll bring you the report on hairstyles that’ll complete your dark academia look.

For the ultra traditional 50s look, you would probably need to get a bit of a glam wave into your hair. You could keep it long, though, as long as you’d probably tie it.

Aesthetic Haircut inspo for the dark side of academia aesthetic
Aesthetic Haircut inspo for the dark side of academia aesthetic

If you want to channel the look of throwback 1960s, you could opt for a shoulder-length bob with face-framing wisps. Think asymmetrical bob with curtain bangs – it’s perfect for creating a dazed and confused, slightly edgy look.

Bob with butterfly tips from @beautybyjennynova

But if you’re looking to mix and match the past with the present, let’s go for a sharply angled bob with long bangs, which looks quite classic but also minimalist and badass.

Bob with long fringe from @ramuko_wa_ikill

The ’80s are certainly in the air lately and the mullet hairstyle, first popularized by the likes of Nena or Madonna in the heyday of the decade, is slowly making its way to the forefront of trendy hairstyles. While not a typical academia style, you could totally do a long pixie in the mullet style. This could be either straight, or wavy in the “shullet” style.

Are you into the darker, goth angle of dark academia?

You’ll still be good with bob and pixies. It’s all about sleek black bobs and long pixie cuts inspired by the edgy Harajuku street style: perfect for amping up your inner goth-girl and then hiding her again for when you need to keep dress code.

Curtain bangs fringe @brianaguilarhair

If on the other hand you want something fully traditional and timeless, try the pageboy haircut, which framed the face and flatters all face shapes. Or go for the classic blunt cut, that looks equally cool on long, medium, and short hair. It’s no surprise that this classic option is the go-to in dark academia.

Make A Statement with An Accessory: Hair Ribbons & Hair Clips

Whether you wear your hair down or in a half-bah, don’t forget to add those subtle finishing touches – like a velvet or leather hair ribbons to keep it tidy. If you’re feeling bold, a statement headband or a pearl hair clip will definitely make a strong style statement.

Whoever you choose as your dark academia hair inspiration, never forget the most important rule of the aesthetic: produce a look that makes you feel like you’ve stepped out of the pages of your favorite gothic novel. This dark academic hairstyle will make you look like a witchy goddess.

From sleek and asymmetrical bobs to vintage-inspired styles, dark academia hairstyles are the perfect way to channel a gothic aesthetic. Experiment with different looks, have fun, and show the world your witchy vibes!

Mustard bow from @graceandgrandeurshop

Effortless Elegance: More on Dark Academia Haircuts

Dark academia style can be tricky to decipher, but with the right haircut it doesn’t have to be daunting. In recent years, we’ve seen stars like Timothée Chalamet and Henry Golding rocking the perfect gentlemanly looks that bring out their dark academia style.

A pompadour with side-parting is one way to go; its timeless quality instantly gives a debonair but also intellectual look. Alternatively, an Ivy League cut can also be tailored to evoke a ‘dark academy’ vibe - slightly scruffy but groomed and suave, with a swoop of extra length around the collar.

For a vintage spin, a classic slicked-back 50s style will provide an unmissable touch of elegance. With the right hairdresser and a few basic products, immersing oneself in dark academia style can be an effortless affair.

Dark academia hair is all about embracing the mysterious and poetic side of vintage fashion. It’s a look that incorporates classic styles from literary and cinematic eras, like finger-waves and victory rolls. Step back in time and explore a chic, retro aesthetic that’s sure to turn heads!