Mixing Punk and Pretty - Unleash Your Inner Grunge with Black Highlights on Blonde Hair

Mixing Punk and Pretty - Unleash Your Inner Grunge with Black Highlights on Blonde Hair

Hero credits: IG @meribjorkstrom

Move over millenial pink, it’s all about the blonde and grunge combo. If you’ve ever wanted to mix punk rock attitude and pretty blonde hair, the latest trend of black highlights on blonde hair is the perfect look. So dig out your most grunge-approved clothes and get ready to add a bit of edge to your blonde strands.

Here’s the gist on how to get the look. Start with a creamy blonde base, then add in black chunks or mini highlights for an unexpected grunge twist.

If you go for larger chunks, you ’ll get the option to make your hair look mostly black when you put your side part to the right place.

Award-worthy coloring by IG @slm.beauty

You can create an ultra-modern, highlighted look, a range of horizontal patterns or an edgy contrast with a blackout shade – the sky’s the limit when it comes to finding the style that suits you.

We’d expect nothing less from fashion’s risk-takers!

The Blonde with an Edge: Nailing the Aesthetic Balance Of Grunge And Glamour

For those of us still feeling the influence of the 90s, black accents on icy blonde hair are the perfect way to add a little edge to your aesthetic style. This bold look has that grungy or punk edge, especially if you make your highlights asymmetric.

Grungy blonde and black hair by IG @brii.vall.92

But the truth is it can look great on softer-styled gals as well - as long as you’ve got some inclination towards the “I don’t care” vibe.

Ash blonde block on black hair by IG @amy.smith.stylist

Thanks to celebrities like Billie Eilish, raising the profile of the punk look, there’s no shortage of inspiration now. Grunge is not just dudes in flannel shirts anymore, thankfully. As if daring you to be more adventurous, Eilish has re-popularized a statement that can now be as daring and dark as feminine.

Softer and girlier way to do the black and blonde highlights by IG @riibendz

Whether you embrace your inner Cobain, Eilish, or more punk fashion inspirations, a black ombre look on a cool blonde base is an easy way to make an entrance, no matter where you’re walking!

Classic black highlights on blonde hair by IG @beautyybym_

Grungy throwback by IG @maaikeandrews

Dark brown stripes in blonde by IG @slm.beauty

Black underlights on blonde worn by IG @sarakrzysztofek

To add a little punk glam, refine your look further with some neon colors.

To amplify the look, consider an ombre option that sees darker colors at the tips. Or, if you wear your hair straight, you can go for a full-on grungy mesh pattern, as seen here.

Black, white and purple stripes by IG @meganrosecolors

For those who want a more subtle look, try thinner accents that blend gradually into your light blonde, or add some ginger stripes into the mix.

Black, white and ginger block highlights by IG @meganrosecolors

Dainty stripes in black and ginger by IG @thathairgirlzoe

A Play of Contrasts: Dark Highlights to Frame a Bold Artistic Look

To accessorize, switch up your nail art for something a little more hard-hitting. Team up pointed talons with statement glass-like finishes and large crystals for a combo that makes a statement. Satisfy your inner punk and choose an unexpected mix of pastel colors, or show your softer side with holographic detailing and subtle glitter. Whatever your style, go all out with neon colors and studs for an extra-bold effect.

Translate your grunge style to your nails with dark green, black, or blue polishes. Indie brands like BadTasteNails offer an array of press-on nails in bold shades as well as more classic nail art—like simple stripes and checkered prints—can take the look further.

IG @ellagreen_hair with nails on point

This new-wave look is still taking over – so don’t hesitate to join in and experiment also with some wilder shades. It might never take over the conventional beauty charts, but it’s the modern grunge at its finest.

There you have it - the ultimate grunge aesthetic for the adventurous spirit! With this black-highlighted blonde look, you can master the perfect punk look, whether your style skews femme-fatale or classic grunge rocker. Be brave, and make sure that wherever your style takes you, you have the perfect color combo to get you there.