The Best Shades of Blue for Cottagecore Dresses

The Best Shades of Blue for Cottagecore Dresses

If you’re into the cottagecore trend, you know the perfect dress is a must-have! Whether you’re looking to create an effortless, casual look or a more put-together ensemble, choosing the right shades of blue for your dress will be key.

Dusty and pastel blue are quintessential colors for any cottagecore wardrobe. Let’s take a closer look at how to wear these shades in style.

The best blue shades for cottagecore

Dusty Blue:

Dusty blue is a light shade of blue that offers many styling options. A simple fit and flare dress in this hue can be dressed up with elegant jewelry and heels or paired with comfortable slippers and a jean jacket for an easy, breezy everyday look. Or, go for a maxi dress in dusty blue to really make an impression. That way, you can accessorize with a straw hat or bohemian headband—the possibilities are endless!

Etsy: MondoBellissimo, classic laid-back cottagecore style dusty blue linen dress

Princess Polly: The Love Galore, plus size mini romper in midern cottagecore

Etsy: AnalisaDeco, long modest gown

Etsy: lamusastore, not a classic cottagecore color but it works

Baby Blue: Baby blue and pastel blues give off subtle yet stylish vibes that make them perfect for cottagecore settings. For example, try pairing a babydoll dress in this shade with tights and sandals or boots. You could also go all out by adding cottagecore accessories like rattan bags and statement earrings to complete your look.

Princess Polly: Noha, modern cottagecore mini dress

Etsy: PrincessDenimSkirt, classic Victorian dress

Etsy: Fomonkpodafant, French cottagecore lace dress

Princess Polly: Sting, mini dress

Accessories: To add some extra oomph to your ensemble, don’t forget about accessories! Floral prints and lace detailing on dresses are quintessential cottagecore elements that will bring your look together perfectly. When it comes to shoes and old style jewelry replicas, opt for vintage-inspired pieces with intricate details like bows or beads – they will make sure your outfit stands out.

Cottagecore is all about creating looks that are both delicate and romantic – so don’t forget the shades of blue when putting together your outfit! Whether you choose dusty blue or pastel blue (or both!), make sure you accessorize with vintage-inspired elements such as lace detailing on dresses, floral prints, and unique jewelry replicas so that your outfit stands out from the crowd. With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to rock any cottagecore dress in style!