The Chicest Way to Minimalism in 2024: Rich Girl Manicure

The Chicest Way to Minimalism in 2024: Rich Girl Manicure

Hero nail art is a metallic glaze from @noor.nailbar

If you’ve been noticing the minimalist manicure popping up all over social media, you’re on the right track! It’s the new-age way of showing off a classy, yet understated look – the rich girl manicure is making waves as a favorite of celebrities like Kendall Jenner and the Hadid sisters.

Not to mention, it will go great with all those fabulous old-money casual outfits that have been everywhere this season.

French mani with a subtle glaze from @honeymoonnail

Show your friends you’ve got that classic chic style you just can’t deny with this luxurious yet effortless nail look.

Rich Girl Manicure: Class and Simplicity Achieved

For those looking to achieve a minimalist manicure, this look is perfect for keeping it simple yet chic. And people are flocking to this look for its effortless elegance.

The art of classy aesthetic is taking over the beauty world in a big way because let’s face it, the rich girl mani is the perfect way to embody that sort of luxury without buying a yacht.

With the neutral and clean shades of white, tan, and beige, you’ll be sure to make a statement without having to go over the top. So, if you’re looking for something that is classic and timeless, the rich girl manicure is perfect for achieving maximum chicness with minimal effort.

This style of manicure is all about chic understated elegance, featuring classic nail colors and subtle touches of sparkle.

Classic red by @elizabethrhiannonn

Photo by @ringconcierge, the jewelry brand

Ladylike chocolate nails by @paintedby_didi

Found uncredited

Just slightly glazed red by @polishedbookworm

If you’re looking for celebrity inspo, no one masters this aesthetic better than stars of old money chic, like actress Emma Watson and singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. Step away from the sparkles and fluorescents and embrace this classic look. You can find the perfect combinations for every outfit, it truly is the signature style of the jet-setting elite.

For a rich girl Manicure, you will want to keep to subtle shades like nudes, taupes, and reds. Colors should be clean and the finish shiny without just the slightest edge of shimmer or sparkle. Think pearls, champagne lusters, and rose gold accents. A timeless and elegant look that will make your nails look like a million bucks.

Another key factor to keep in mind with this manicure is the shape and length of your nails. If you are going for subtle but chic, keep your nails at a medium length, just above the finger, and shape them into a squared tip. To up the glam factor, add some small Rhinestones for fans of subtle bling.

One final tip for a Rich Girl Manicure: get creative with the thumb! This is the one time you can be a bit more playful with color and design to make your manicure stand out. Try an accent of glitter, holographic shade, or on-trend rhinestone French design.

So go ahead and channel your inner old-money chic with a Rich Girl Manicure. With the vast selection of chic shades, you can create the perfect classic nail with just the right amount of effortless glamour.

These days, even the most discerning celebrity knows that a minimalist look is the way to go! Rich girl manicures offer celebs a fashionable and fresh style for any occasion. From chic and sophisticated French tips to the subtle beauty of natural nails, this manicure is the perfect way to accessorize your look. Seen donning these manicures are superstars like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna and Cardi B, who all know that this classic and luxe look is the way to go for modern elegance. The minimalistic and stylish approach to nails is sure to make any look pop - and it’s no wonder why Rich Girl Manicures are the hottest trend in celebrity beauty.