Show off Your Kawaii Look with These Super Cute Poses for Instagram

Show off Your Kawaii Look with These Super Cute Poses for Instagram

Hat in hero photo is from SpiceKidsTR

Kawaii fashion is in and here to stay - that much is quite certain.

Bubblegum pinks, bow-embellishments, and iridescent tiaras - these are the makings of one authentically kawaii look. An iconic facet of the delectable Harajuku culture, which originated in Tokyo, is the art of performing cute poses.

This expression of fun and cheerful vibes has inspired many top celebrities; but most of all, kawaii is and always will be a street style subculture. The key to it are vibrant and dreamlike garments, and a cheeky pose to match.

Are you looking for the perfect pose to show off your super sweet wardrobe staples? We’ve got just the thing for you. From Tokyo street style cutesy poses to the Harajuku fashion’s boldly bright colors and everything romantic Lolita, we’ve rounded up the cutest poses to try with your kawaii wardrobe. Take notes and get ready to show of your sweetness in cuddly bunny fits and bubblegum pastels, striking some fun poses with your cutest kawaii looks.

Express Yourself through Kawaii Poses!

This fun and playful look has taken Tiktok by storm, and these days it’s easy to find peppy pastel-hued clothes that bring out the inner kid in you. Now that you’ve decked yourself out in the cutest clothes ever, take a photo and show it off with these super cute poses for your ‘gram.

Photo by @yume.chii

The cat bow

Start out with the classic play bow. Based on a pose cats do when they’re feeling friendly and playful, you can do it too! Kneel on the ground and put your hands in front of you, just like they do. Leave your hands open and their chin up, and try to channel all the innocence and sweet charm of your favorite cartoon kitties. You’ll get a pic that is as cute as it’s fun.

Hat from BabyStaceyL

The props

Total cuteness overload alert: posing with a doll is a guaranteed hit. Get hold of the nearest stuffed animal, doll, or even a cute accessory, and pose with it for a guaranteed coo-worthy photo.

Photo by @awlilaa_ has the downward-turning eyeliner trend, too

The cute sultry

If you’ve got a print or patterned dress that’s just so adorable you can’t resist showing it off, put your fingertips to your lips and give the cheekiest smirk you can for a totally endearing photo.

Photo by @yuki_fakegirl

The side glance

Look up and slightly to the side for a picture that looks dreamy and sweet, or try touching your face for a photo full of character.

Photo by @athome_fuwaru

The touch of emo

There are plenty of other tricks that are perfect for showing off your look in all its kawaii glory. Even hiding behind your hair can work wonders, provided that your outfit is still visible so people can see what you’re working with.

Photo by @takasaki__hina

Obviously, influencers on Pinterest and Instagram are taking part in this movement, showing off their quirky and comical strikes. Populated with TikTok videos, morphs and boomerangs, creative individuals are able to communicate their joy and pleasure throughout the unique poses they make. Whether you’re a novice show-stopper or a trendsetter, everyone can join this playful fashion revolution and unleash their quirkiness through kawaii poses!

Kawaii Fever Strikes Even the Celebrities!

An influx of trendy, “kawaii” fashion has hit the celebrity fashion landscape, and stars can’t get enough! With pastel-hued, oversize clothing, cute poses, and nothing short of adorable styling, these celebrities are embracing the trend for all its quirky glory. From Kylie Jenner’s kitsch pastel outfits to Miley Cyrus’s edgy sweatshirts emblazoned with kawaii characters, the kawaii trend has been embraced by a wide range of A-listers. Globally, labels like Sanrio and Vogue Japan have released limited-edition collections embracing the trend, meaning this kawaii craze is here to stay.

This look isn’t just for influencers or celebs—kawaii fashion is for everyone who loves to express themselves authentically and with enthusiasm. Rihanna and Harry Styles are two of the stars at the forefront of this fashion movement, while brands like Harajuku Lovers and Roxy have recently released collections that are full of kawaii-inspired pieces. Up the cute factor with your favorite brands and accessories, then strike a pose and hit that upload button!

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