Face Jewels Makeup Inspo for Dark & Magic Vibe

Face Jewels Makeup Inspo for Dark & Magic Vibe

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Dark and emo makeup looks are not usually ones that you would think of for a face jewels makeup look, although the fans of Euphoria’s Rue might disagree. Still, most people see face jewels strictly as a rave accessory only.

Turns out that dark aesthetic makeup can be a stunning fusion of face jewels and other face adornments that create an unforgettable look. It brings together traditional witchy dark makeup such as dark eyeshadow, smoky eye looks and the dark, dramatic lip, with face jewels as the accents to create an edgy and sultry aesthetic.

Face jewels for accents of your makeup

Dark makeup with face jewels looks especially well for the night, but then you would have guessed that. Dark makeup can look sort of plain in club lights but if you add sparkle here and there, the features will come out nicely.

IG @manicgems…very fairycore or goblincore

And then there is the look where you use a lot of strobe highlighter as well as face jewels, and maybe add some loose glitter powder into the mix. That way the lights will reflect both the makeup and the face jewels, which can look truly stunning.

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Make it look good in daylight

For face jewels makeup look that looks good even without club lights, the trick here is to go for face gems that are in tone with the dark and mysterious colors of your makeup. Or you can go vibrant: Think deep purple or burgundy face jewels in shades of black or gray. You can even opt for face gems in different shapes such as stars or moons to give your face a nice touch of bling.

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For an eye jewels makeup look, use face gems around your eyeliner and voila – you have a dead simple dark makeup look with face jewels that’s perfect for a night out. You can also add face jewels to your eyebrow or lip piercings for extra aesthetic glam.

That look with face jewels around your eyebrows is a great one for a pixie fairy makeup look, but you don’t need to go in the cute direction at all. Make it as artsy and aesthetic as you want!

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Some witchier inspo

Dark makeup looks are not just about darkness but also about drama.

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Sensuality is one way to get the drama on, but here one more: Why not add face jewels on your face for the emo tears look?

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That is the ultimate dramatic look, not everyone’s cup of tea and not a 101 either, but it can look great if you can pull it off. Your face will be glowing and you’ll be sure to turn heads.

So go ahead and try it out – you can thank me later! Face jewels makeup looks are here to stay, and we know why. With face jewels, you can take a played-out dark makeup look into a different aesthetic realm.

So face jewels are not just for raves - they can also be used in dark or witchy makeup looks as an accent. With face gems, you can create a truly unique and edgy look that will take your night out aesthetic to the next level! So try it out and see where face jewels can take you on your makeup journey.