Feminine & Non-Conforming: Try Finger Waves

Feminine & Non-Conforming: Try Finger Waves

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Do you love the idea of short hair, but feel limited in aesthetic choices? Then finger waves may be just the look for you! Take a break from the mundane and boring and embark on a journey to turn heads with a fresh and exciting finger wave style.

From vintage throwbacks to modern interpretations, finger waves are next to hime haircuts one of the boldest trends in alternative fashion that can never get boring.

Finger Waves: So Aesthetically Feminine That They Are Actually Bold

Finger waves are the perfect way to set off your short hair! Whether you rock a pixie cut or a bob, your locks will look amazing when they’re styled with finger waves.

Finger waves have been around since the 1920s, but they’re just as fashionable now as they were then. You might have seen them on the red carpet, or in Hollywood movies - they’re a classic style for short hair.

Back in their original heyday, the finger waves were an ultra feminine statement. They may have served as a way to offset the bold and very new trend where women were cutting their hair short for the first time in Western history. Adding a soft wave to a short bob pretty much cancels the jazzy, tomboyish vibe the haircut would otherwise have.

These days the situation is a little different, though.

Wavy hair in and of itself is slightly daring, after long years of the reign of sleek straight geometric haircuts. Waves - or curls, no less - on short hair are rather close to blasphemy.

They might somewhere deep down have the soft, feminine aesthetic but as of now, they are non-conformist and therefore really a move of someone with character and confidence.

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Feminine & Non-Conforming: Try Finger Waves
Feminine & Non-Conforming: Try Finger Waves
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Finger waves on short hair have become iconic staples among instagram influencers. This aesthetic current has been described as fashion-forward, edgy, and effortless–all at the same time. With an air of fearless femininity and a hint of rebellion, these styles are the perfect concoction of fashion and self-expression.

Short hair, particularly pixie cuts, have traditionally been seen as edgy and daring. Using finger waves, you can tap into this and created their own styling techniques and variations that add boldness to a classic look. Finger waves are a signature style for many of those sporting pixie cuts.

These rolls and ripples create texture and definition to the hair, adding dimension to the overall look. Color play with pastels often gives the style a whimsical feel.

Why Celebrities Rock Finger Waves, Even Though It’s Not 1920s

Finger waves give short hairstyles so much added depth and dimension, which is why it’s no surprise that celebrities continue to rock this look. This iconic style, which originated in the 1920s, captures the eyes of many and provides a classic and sophisticated look. Stars like Kim Kardashian and Kendell Jenner have graced the red carpets and more with their short and modern finger waves.

Kardashian often wears this style when she wants to feel a little extra special—it is a timeless look that gives off an old-school vibe. Not only does it look amazing with her natural hair color, but it also complements her skin tone perfectly. Jenner also rocks finger waves with her shorter tresses, proving that this look isn’t just for long hair. She has managed to make it work, and if anything, her choice of style has inspired many others to try out short finger waves.

Meanwhile, other stars like Zoe Kravitz, Halle Berry, and Beyoncé have also been caught in this style. Kravitz owns her longer locks with her masculine style—which is modern and sophisticated—and is often seen wearing her tresses in finger waves when she’s out and about. Hers is softer than Kardashian’s or Jenner’s, and it gives off a more bohemian vibe. Similarly, Berry’s finger waves look great with her cropped pixie, while Beyoncé proves that finger waves can also be part of a long hairstyle.

All in all, celebrities have shown us that finger waves are not about long or short hair; it’s about having confidence and making a fashion statement. It doesn’t matter if you have long tresses or a pixie cut, the outcome is equally beautiful and always ends up stealing the show. Thanks to these celebrities, we can’t help but admire their fearless ability to put a modern twist on a 1920s look.

Try Finger Waves At Home

Finger waves are the perfect way to make a statement with your short hair. With just a few tools and a few simple steps, you can create this timeless look.

Getting started with finger waves short hair is easy. You’ll need a comb, a brush, setting lotion, and styling pomade. Start by combing out your hair and removing any tangles. Once your hair is dry, you’ll start with the waves. Comb your hair in an alternating pattern to create the wave lines. Start by making the first line, and then continuing in the opposite direction.

To create the finger waves, use an inward brushing motion. Start from the back of the head and brush to the front. Do this around the entire head until all the waves are created.

Once the waves are in place, you’ll need to set them with setting lotion and styling pomade. Apply the setting lotion to each wave to help hold the style in place. Then, apply the styling pomade on top to give your finger waves short hair a sleek and glossy finish.

Now you’re ready to rock your new finger waves! In no time, you can have a stunning look that will turn heads wherever you go.

Finger waves short hair are a timeless style that will never go out of fashion. With just a few tools and some practice, you can easily create this beautiful look. Get ready to show off your fabulous finger waves!