Head to Toe Bling: 5+ On-Trend Picks inspired by Glam Rock

Head to Toe Bling: 5+ On-Trend Picks inspired by Glam Rock

Are you feeling the urge to rock a little glam? We’ve got just the thing to take your look from basic to ferocious. Here’s our fresh round-up of the look everyone’s talking about, with more than five stand-out pieces inspired by Glam Rock – all totally on-trend.

Get ready to complete every outfit with ‘Head to Toe Bling’ this season, inspired by Glam Rock!

David Johansen of the 70s glam rock band New York Dolls

Head-to-Toe Bling: Steal the Show this Season with Glam Rock Vibes

The hottest trends are always coming back with a bang, like Glam Rock.

You know the look: think shiny fabrics, outrageous platform boots and glitzy accessories.

Or is the shaggy mullet haircut the first thing that came to your mind?

Take inspiration from the OG as well as internet strangers, and get ready to channel your inner rock star with our top five picks to shake up your wardrobe!

Head to Toe Bling: 5+ On-Trend Picks inspired by Glam Rock
Head to Toe Bling: 5+ On-Trend Picks inspired by Glam Rock

1. The Bow:

If there’s one signature glam rock accessory, it is the bow. It can be giant and shouty, or you can play it elegant with a faux-posh wrap, your call.

Pink bow with a furry coat by @thehippieshake

2. Leather and Spandex:

Where Glam Rock and punk meet, you’ll find the perfect mix of edge and flash.

Very glam and very rock’n’roll. Photo by @babydynamitee

Who says edgy and cool can’t also be glamorous? Show your star power with a pair of leather trousers, a tight-fitting top, and colourful platform boots.

Head to Toe Bling: 5+ On-Trend Picks inspired by Glam Rock
Head to Toe Bling: 5+ On-Trend Picks inspired by Glam Rock

Leather and tulle by @sonya_bakulya

3. Sparkle in Sequin:

Let’s start our tour of Glam Rock fabulousness in style. Nothing makes a statement like statement sequins. Rocker it up with a sequin jumpsuit, or go for something more subtle with a sparkly dress and chunky jewellery.

Is a full glitter blazer way too much? Go for a statement brooch on a regular blazer then. This is your chance to finish off our look with something special.


4. Edgy Accessories:

Glam Rock isn’t all sequins, of course. To add a classic edge to your look, add some very statement accessories. Here’s a way to add an extra touch of glam with a bejewelled hair piece. Choose a headband with intricate details for a darker, almost witchy look.

For more rock, go for chain jewelry. A chain choker has all the classic swagger of Glam Rock, with a little sleek makeover.

Frank Zappa photographed by Bob Gruen

5. Over-the-Top Make-up:

Make your eyes stand out with shimmery eye shadow, thick eyeliner and plenty of mascara. Play around with daring colours for a truly eccentric vibe.

The KISS makeup by @heyrita.x

6. Bold Prints:

Everyone has been sporting animal prints in the past summer - and they were big in the original subcultures back in the day. Just find the perfect one for you and show some ferocity.


So don’t be afraid to let your wild side out and add some glam to your wardrobe! Whether you choose to embrace the glitter and sequins or just add a few touches of bling, this Glam Rock-inspired trend will keep your style on point and one-of-a-kind.

Ready to bring a little glam to your style? Those who dare to sparkle draw the eye – so bring out the bling and go full Glam Rock with our picks of the season.

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