Korean indie fashion: Why is it so popular? (6 brands for inspiration)

Korean indie fashion: Why is it so popular? (6 brands for inspiration)

Korean indie fashion is quite a new phenomenon, but it has quickly become very popular all around the world. It is characterized by its unique and eclectic style, which is a blend of different elements from different cultures.

D-Antidote 2022

Korean Indie fashion is popular all over the world for a multitude of reasons.

One reason is that it offers a unique, stylish look that sets it apart from other fashion styles.

Then, Korean Indie designers are known for using high-quality materials and innovative construction techniques, resulting in clothing that is both attractive and well made.

In addition, Korean Indie fashion is relatively affordable, which makes the good quality stuff accessible to a wide range of fans.

And then, K-pop of course! Korean Indie fashion is heavily influenced by popular culture, which means that new styles are constantly emerging and that makes Korean fashion a living, exciting thing.

All of these factors contribute to why Korean Indie fashion is so popular worldwide.

Jain Song 2022 (jainsong.co.kr)

Some of the most common elements in Korean indie fashion include asymmetric hemlines, sculptural cuts, vintage-inspired details, and eclectic prints and patterns.

Some indie brands in Korea are just pure street fashion, but since they are indie and not fast fashion, you will get your printed tees and hoodies in better materials.

Beyond Closet - IG @beyondcloset_official

There is a lot of vintage influence in Korean fashion, which possibly also contributes to the reasons why Korean fashion gets so much love worldwide. Vintage is something that everyone can relate to.

And why is vintage style so popular?

Well, vintage fashion is nostalgic and evokes happy memories for many people. It represents a simpler time in history, and maybe the times when things were built to last as well.

Jain Song 2022 (jainsong.co.kr)

For your inspiration, here are some of the most popular independent fashion brands from South Korea:

  1. Jain Song - sharply constructed minimalism

    Jain Song makes minimalist womenswear. This must be the best label for workwear that you’ll ever find, if you’re into minimalism.

    jain song workwear

    Prices are nowhere near the levels of Vietnamese indie fashion though - 500.000 Won is over 400 USD - but then compare the materials.

    Also, given the climate in Korea, you will get to find actual winter clothes in Korean brands.

    jain song outerwear

  2. Ader Error - unisex and popular

    Ader Error is a South Korean unisex brand created by an off-the-radar fashion collective. This is probably the most easily accessible brand of this list, if you are after more than an inspiration: They are on Farfetch and they did a collab with Zara.

    Farfetch shows their clothing always styled on both a male and a female model - great for styling inspiration.


    Ader Error instagram is probably even better for that purpose, though: @ader_error


  3. Heich Es Heich - daring menswear

    Heich Es Heich is a pretty daring one. Not a label for someone who likes the beige trench coat.

    The last collection on the website is from 2017, but boy is it worth seeing.

    2017 Heich es heich

  4. D-Antidote - high-end street fashion

    D-Antidote bills itself is the street fashion, but done in high-end way. The prices are not as abusive as you might expect from that sort of business motto.

    You’ll get the galore of printed tees, hoodies, knits and jeans done in very in-your-face way, including the choice of materials. Worth checking out.



  5. Beyond Closet - elevated basics

    Beyond Closet is a small, street fashion label for hoodies and jackets with the preppy aesthetics.


  6. Lie SangBong - fusion of art and fashion

    If it’s a fusion of art and fashion, it can’t be for everyday - and Lie SangBong sure isn’t. He’s a fashion designer who has designed gowns for Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Lindsay Lohan.

    Lie SangBong 2009

    Lie SangBong 2022

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