The Minimalist’s Guide to Mixing and Matching Jewellery

The Minimalist’s Guide to Mixing and Matching Jewellery

Hero is a dainty ring stack from Latuki on Etsy

Unless you attended a fashion course at college or fastidiously study the social media pages of influencers, it’s likely you won’t be an expert in mixing and matching jewellery.

A lot of people create incredible outfits and then ruin them by wearing jewellery in unfashionable ways. To avoid being such an individual all you need is this post.

In this article, you will find a couple of minimalist ideas that you can use to ensure that when you mix and match jewellery, that it looks great. Read all of it so that you can make better choices.

Minimalist Ring Stacks

Rings can be a great way to incorporate jewellery into your fits without going overboard. It is entirely possible to go a little too far with rings.

The most balanced look is to keep rings on your index and ring finger on one hand, and if you want to wear a pinky ring, wear it on the other hand. Do not wear rings on every single finger or wear multiple rings as you’ll ruin your look.

Streamlined ring stack from Ordinarify on Etsy

The experts from Caratlane rings make clear on their website that diamond rings are some of the best you can buy, which is why you should give them priority over other types like ones containing rubies or emeralds or other precious stones. Diamonds hold their value very well as well, which means that your ring will appreciate in value as long as it is a good cut. Before buying rings online make sure that you double-check your size.

Aesthetic but still minimal ring stack from Gzeyy on Etsy

Unconventional Designs

When most people start wearing jewellery, they instinctively opt for styles that are popular and already quite trendy.

Why not try something a little unique? One of the most interesting styles of jewellery right now is turquoise Navajo sterling jewellery. This type is widely available and is typically made by hand, by Native American craftsmen. This jewellery is unisex although larger models tend to be worn by masculine-presenting people.

If you are interested in buying this kind of jewellery then you’ll be pleased to know that you can either buy it brand new or used. Used items tend to be a little more expensive, as they’ll more often than not be antique.

If you are planning on buying some antique Navajo jewellery then make sure that you source it from a reliable vendor. Don’t buy Navajo jewellery that has not been made by Native American hands.

Navajo-inspired necklace stack from JenHerrmannJewelry on Etsy

Being Subtle

Whatever jewellery you ultimately decide to buy, to keep it in the minimalist aesthetic, make sure that you are subtly accentuanting your outfit. Don’t get too carried away.

A lot of people make the mistake upon first getting into jewellery of buying that is too showy. When you use too much jewellery that does not mesh well with your look, it can really ruin your aesthetic.

At the same time, jewellery doesn’t have to be boring to be subtle though.

As the old money aesthetic aficionados know, some of the nicest and most expensive jewellery pieces in the world are understated. Of course, if you are interested in buying high-end jewellery of this kind then make sure to find a reliable vendor with jewellery that is as it should be, i.e., made of the metals advertised and of high purity.

Classic but bold stack from Dear Henley

Jewellery can make you look cool, as long as you buy the right kind and wear it well. You can do that by following this post’s guidance. Make sure to only ever buy from jewellers whose reputations are good and who have positive online reviews.

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