Pink & Blue Abstract Wall Art: Decorate Your Home with Soft Elegance and Artistic Aesthetics

Pink & Blue Abstract Wall Art: Decorate Your Home with Soft Elegance and Artistic Aesthetics

Hero is a vibrant pink and blue abstract painting by Roman Dubousov - KladAbstractPainting on Etsy

There’s something special about a home that looks softly elegant, but also artsy and aesthetic. A home that has a creative flair but not in a way that would come off too showy.

Abstract art prints can be one way to achieve that - at least as long as you don’t choose art that will make your home look too sterile. Pink and blue is one of the color combinations that can definitely look too plain.

Let’s take a look at how you can use this type of artwork to give your home a sophisticated makeover.

Choose the Right Abstract Wall Art for Your Space

When decorating with abstract wall art, the key is to choose pieces that will work best in the space you have. Think about the size of your walls and what colors will look good against them.

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  • In smaller rooms, it’s best to stick with lighter shades of pink and blue so they don’t overwhelm the room.
  • In larger ones and in open spaces you need something to catch the eye and break up the space - that calls for a more vibrant accent.

You should also consider how much light there is in the room as darker colors may absorb more light, making it feel smaller than it actually is.

Light blue and pink abstract by Roman Dubousov - KladAbstractPainting on Etsy

If you want something bolder, opt for bright pinks or blues that will stand out against your walls.

You can also mix different shades together for a unique look – try pairing pastel pink with navy blue for an eye-catching combination or opt for coral pink and greenish blue for something softer.

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Just remember to keep everything in an aesthetic. It’s no problem to do an eclectic aesthetic with your choice of wall art, but to do that you’d probably need a full gallery wall.

In a gallery wall, if one piece of artwork is too busy or colorful, balance it out with another piece in a more subtle hue.

But if all you want is a set of two abstract prints, it will work better if they are sharing a similar theme.

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Think About Framing & Finishing Touches

A good part of fine art reproductions these days comes as digital files to print at home. That means you can reuse them as HD wallpapers even on large screens, which is great.

At the same time, once you have chosen your abstract wall art, it’s time to think about framing and other finishing touches that will make your artwork stand out even more.

Dark blue and pink abstract with a golden frame from Roman Dubousov - KladAbstractPainting on Etsy

Consider choosing frames in complementary colors – silver or black frames work well with most types of artwork – or opting for something brighter like gold or brass if you want to add some extra sparkle to the room.

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You can also choose mats or other accents that will help bring out certain elements of the artwork such as color or texture. For example, if you have an all-blue painting, adding a white mat around it can help draw attention to its texture and shape without detracting from its beauty. Don’t forget about lighting either; adding spotlights near your artworks can help them really pop!

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By combining soft elegance and artistic aesthetics using pink and blue abstract wall art, you can create a beautiful modern look in any room in your home! Choose pieces that are suitable for the size of your walls and keep things balanced by mixing lighter hues with bold ones. Finally, don’t forget about framing and other finishing touches like mats or lighting - these little details can make all the difference when decorating with abstract wall art! With these tips in mind, you’re sure to create a stunningly sophisticated space!