Let Your Nails Speak This Summer: It’s a Pink World Out There!

Let Your Nails Speak This Summer: It’s a Pink World Out There!

Hero is Acai Berry shade from lemanoir.com

The sizzling days of summer can be summed up in one phrase: pink summer nails! This season, the trend among celebrities, fashionistas and beauty mavens is all about bold rosy-hued nails. From barely-there pastel pinks, to pink and yellow nail art and neon coral to baby pink with a metallic edge, the options for hot summer digits are endless.

The Sexy Side of Summer: Look Chic with These Pink Summer Nails

Whether on red carpets or fashion runways, the stars have been dazzled in stunning pink hues this season. Rihanna, style icon, rocked a baby pink pedicure recently in a mirrored mini dress for a summer clubbing look, while Kylie Jenner opted for a classic pastel pink manicure to complement her Balmain dress at the MTV Awards.

High-end fashion brands have not been rocking the pink summer nails trend in their campaigns and lookbooks lately but the fact of the matter is that light pink contrasts so beautifully with a tan.

It’s no wonder then, that manicures and pedicures worldwide are dripping with sleek, delicious pink. Beauty brands have been coming up with makeup and nail polish collections specifically tailored to the pink summer nails trend. From OPI’s Peachy Keen collection to Essie’s neon coral collection, fashion and beauty lovers have a whole spectrum of choices to choose from.

This summer, don’t miss out on the pink summer nails trend. Embrace pink in all its forms and shades and let your nails do the talking!

This summer, pink is the ‘it’ color when it comes to nails. This sultry shade pops against tanned skin and pairs just as well with swimsuit-clad beach days as it does with your favorite little white dress. Whether you opt for a subtle pink highlight or go all out with full-on pink mani-pedi, you can’t go wrong this summer. Here’s your guide to on-trend pink summer nails that will have everyone blushing!

Understatedly Flirty: The Soft Pink Mani

If you want to make a subtle yet sophisticated statement with your nails this summer, opt for a soft pink mani. Think light pink, off-white, and iridescent pinks for an understatedly chic look. Alessandra Ambrosio rocked this trend at the ESPY’s once, pairing her pastel pink manicure with a sleek white single-shoulder dress. Pastel colors are all-time favorites most summers and they’re sure to keep heads turning.

Parisian pink from IG @hybryd_owe_love

Rose gold accents from IG @minea.nails

Full-on rose gold glitter, Juliette from ilnpbrand

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Popping Pinks for a Bold Look

If you’re out to make a statement this summer, it’s time to take your pink game up a notch. A bright hot pink pedi is perfect for pairing with denim shorts and a crop top and, of course, a high ponytail to show off your sophisticated style. A neon pink gives you an ’80s style to work with, perfect for the trend-seeking fashionista. If you’re set on being the talk of summer, don’t hesitate to go full-on fuchsia.

Melon nail art from IG @olootka_nailart

Let Your Nails Speak This Summer: It’s a Pink World Out There!
Let Your Nails Speak This Summer: It’s a Pink World Out There!
IG @lienweb3yuri
Popsickle nail art from IG @olootka_nailart

It’s the classic summer look for anyone with a bit of melanin to rock bright pink nails and a bold black one-piece swimsuit, emphasizing the minimalist ‘less is more’ vibe.

Press-ons from <a target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow” href=”https://www.awin1.com/cread.php?awinmid=10723&awinaffid=1078255&ued=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.etsy.com%2Fshop%2FLunaStarDesignsCo %

Matte coral pink press-ons from {% etsy SimmiPressed”>LunaStarDesignsCo %

Matte coral pink press-ons from {% etsy SimmiPressed</a>

Fuchsia press-ons from LavishNailsbyLaura

Pretty in Pink With Accent Nails

Accent nails are the perfect way to add flair to your summer manicure. Pick a brighter pink for the accent nail to really make it stand out. Some of the hottest celebrity looks this summer include Kim Kardashian’s pastel manicure with an acrylic accent nail adorned with a black butterfly accessory. Use your accent nail to try out a fun design or use a more subdued tone if you prefer for a look that still stands out but isn’t quite as bold. Whether you want to keep it subtle or go full-on flashy, accent nails are the perfect touch to any pink summer mani.

IG @southerncharmbeautybytaylor

Though hot pink may be the reigning queen of the color wheel, its regal majesty is now receiving some much needed competition from cool undertones. The world’s biggest trendsetters have been loving the color pink in all its iterations, but it’s light pink with its soft pastel hue that has taken the fashion set by storm. While hot pink might give off fiery vibes, light pink is a symbolic breath of fresh air.

But what emotions does this striking color bring up?

When used as an accent color, light pink is idyllic and warm. Whether seen in fashion on Gigi Hadid or on home décor pieces from Joanna Gaines’s iconic collections, soft cool pink in its lightest shade feels effortless and evokes a gentle sense of peacefulness. Lighter shades often reflect feelings of contentment and reflect a carefree but cool attitude.

Now that summer is here, embrace the season’s go-to trend with colourful and creative pink summer nails! From dainty and girly pastel shades to all-out fluorescent fuchsias, explore the hottest nail art designs for a summer style to experience all season long. Need inspiration? Check out some of the summer’s top celebrities and their boldest nail looks – some time with a brush and polish will have you flaunting perfect pink summer nails in no time!

So, if you’re ready to turn heads this summer, pink is the color to go with. Whether you go for a subtle light pink, an out-there neon pink, or something in between, you’ll sure to be making a statement with your pink summer nails.

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