Spice Up Your Manicure: Trending Red Nail Ideas from Instagram’s Finest

Spice Up Your Manicure: Trending Red Nail Ideas from Instagram’s Finest

Hero are scarlet nails by IG @le.vanitose

Discovering the hottest red nail ideas for 2023 will have you taking beauty tips from the most stylish influencers and making the classic, time-proven statement with your manicure at the same time.

Red is a timeless color that works well with any style and exudes confidence. Whether you’re after something classic or something brand new, here’s what you need to know to make your mani the envy of the town.

For many of us, red nails have come to stand for beauty rituals and indulgent self-care. Whether you’re giving yourself a full-on glam treatment or opting for a minimalist mani, red nails add a touch of glamour to any experience.

Let’s look at what nail artists of the world have for us this season.

Shades of Scarlet

If you’re feeling daring and vogue, then go head-to-toe scarlet. From the deepest crimson to candied cherry hues, you can create a look that takes no prisoners. Think daring ombrés and pops of red against a neutral shade for maximum wow factor.

IG @oooohnoshedidnt polish @dipnails Scarlett Kiss

IG @le.vanitose

IG @nail.loveuk

Sizzling Nude

For a slightly more muted look, consider a neutral palette and add a hint of red. Earthier shades like cinnamon and terracotta are great for the subtle vibe with red.

IG @nail.loveuk

Whether it’s nude-toned nails with red tips, or a subtle outlining of red, either will set you stand out from the crowd.

IG @beautystudiobykay using OPI My solar clock is ticking

IG wewearnails_

Grungy and Retro Reds

Red isn’t always just about wearing glamorous scarlet. For a darker angle on red, consider a dark matte mani with a pop of cherry or a wild retro pattern.

IG @thevelvethexagon

IG @nailz_by_leyla

Both looks work great if you have a gothic-chic edge to your clothing.

IG @nail.loveuk

IG @nailz_by_leyla


You don’t have to be a rock star to pull off this shiny vinyl look. All you need is a glossy black base coat and then layer on some dazzling red transfers for a multi-faceted effect.

IG @nailsbyluisawelle

IG @joicesouzanails


One of the hottest trends in 2023 isn’t just about bright and bold red nails, but ranging from orange-yellows and pink-oranges that create a scorching effect when combined with a gloss varnish. This look will turn heads—in the best way.

IG @malviinail

IG @nailartbymami

Flawless Reds

Whether you’re after a classic cherry shade or something a bit more daring like a crisp tomato red, think outside the square and create a sleek effect with high-shine red lacquer. This look hugs the nails and creates a beautiful base for jewels and adornment.

IG @oakwoodnails using @lightelegancehq Under Investigation

The possibilities are endless when it comes to red nail looks. Ensure you’re up-to-date with the latest trends and know exactly what to scroll through on your Instagram. Make your mani the talk of the town, no matter what style you’re after, and feel proud and confident with your ultimate 2023 look.

Red flatters anyone!

There’s something about red nails that is undeniable – it’s a color that flatters everyone, brightens any outfit and captures everyone’s attention. Whether you wear a bright pillar-box red or a deep berry shade, you’ll always be turning heads. Red nails are the ultimate beauty staple – they speak volumes and are the perfect way to finish off an outfit.

IG znana_stylistka

But why is red such a popular color? Well, there’s history behind that. Red has long been viewed as a sexy, rebellious color, symbolic of power and desire. It has become universally accepted as a shade that exudes confidence and boldness – a color that won’t stand by unnoticed. Red nails on a person of any gender can show their strength, her power, and her passion.

But more than anything, red nails are a timeless beauty staple. Wearing this classic color evokes a certain timelessness and chicness, a style that will never go out of fashion. Red nails can take any outfit to the next level and instantly elevate your style. The sheer variety of red is also a plus – you can go as bright or as muted as you like, and accessorize with different colors and textures to create your own signature look. For instance, try pairing red nails with a smokey eye, a classic black dress, and glitter eye shadow for a daring and striking going-out look.

IG @glory__nailscreation_

So, why go red? Red nails make a timeless fashion statement that will never go out of style. This classic shade of boldness is a sure-fire way to get noticed and turn up the glamour in any look. Red nails will reflect your inner confidence and strength, allowing you to stand out and make a statement about who you are. So go daring and embrace the power of red nails – you won’t regret it.