5 Ideas for Choosing the Perfect Retro Aesthetic Clothes (60z, 70s, 90s retro)

5 Ideas for Choosing the Perfect Retro Aesthetic Clothes (60z, 70s, 90s retro)

Retro aesthetic is a term used for aesthetic currents that were popular in the past decades, but not too far in the past. The cut off for what is called retro and what is called period aesthetic is a matter of personal opinion.

These days, usually people will cut off retro at about 1950s. So, the mid century retro aesthetic is still modern enough to be called retro but the 1930s might not be. The most popular retro aesthetics these days are the 60s, 70s, and recently the 90s.

The great thing about retro aesthetics is that you can bend them quite a bit to fit your own aesthetic preferences. For instance, you can wear a retro aesthetic outfit with a minimalist flair, or one with a boho flair.

Both will be retro outfits - retro aesthetics are vague like this and has a lot of space for everyone’s creative freedom.

This makes the retro style the perfect canvas for self-expression. With its flexibility, you can create your own version of a timeless look by incorporating elements from virtually any era – minimalism here, a bit of boho there - to bring out all your unique flair!

60s retro outfits inspo

The 60s was a decade of change and experimentation - both in fashion as well as in other aspects of culture. The fashion trends of the decade were heavily influenced by the changing social norms, with more relaxed fits, bold colors, and playful patterns all becoming popular.

Women’s fashion during this time saw shorter hemlines, brighter colors, and a focus on comfort as well as style. Indie designers have tapped into this trend to create stylish retro aesthetic clothes with minimalism in mind.

Structured retro jacket from Etsy: bazhane

A-line skirt from Etsy: KarpachevaBrand

Etsy: ShopExile (true vintage)

Elegant retro mini dress from Etsy: ThiaraTienda

Especially the knitwear designers love 60s and 70s retro as it offers a lot of eclectic styles that allow you to mix and match different vibes. A knitted top or poncho can be paired with a wide-leg pant, but the patterns and colors decide if it will be a retro-minimalism look or a boho look.

70s retro outfits inspo

The 70s was the decade when people were serious about looking for something different. That showed even in fashion, which saw a drastic shift away from the structured and tailored silhouettes of the 50s and 60s towards more bohemian inspired, free-spirit type of look. Women’s fashion during this decade was all about comfort and movement, and some would say it could get a bit scruffy.

The staples were bell bottom jeans, wide-legged trousers, and of course floral and boho print maxi dresses were all the rage.

Indie designers have embraced this retro trend now too, of course. A simple dress with a loose-fitting silhouette and a muted color palette is perfect for a more minimal look. For something more edgy, opt for an oversized chunky hippie sweater paired with high waist jeans or shorts.

Linen kimono from Etsy: JooWear

Bell sleeve top from Etsy: GardenbelleDesigns

70s retro denim overall from Etsy: PleasureMeArt

A see through bell sleeve top from Etsy: ShopBouboulina

Relaxed A-line skirt from Etsy: LinenHandmadeStudio

Retro ethnic trench coat from Etsy: GardenbelleDesigns

Tie-dye bell bottom jumpsuit from Etsy: GardenbelleDesigns

90s retro outfits inspo

Let’s skip the disco 80s for now.

The 90s saw a rise in the popularity of streetwear fashion and grunge style, but there was also a heavy focus on comfort. The ever-popular sweatpants, hoodies, and a bit later on, the baggy jeans were common sights on the streets.

But some aesthetics in women’s fashion had a more feminine flair with slip dresses, babydoll dresses, and crop tops being popular choices. The crop tops in particular is what you’ll often see in Instagram’s 90s fashion remakes.

Retro-grunge leather biker jacket from Etsy: bazhane

Minimalist utility baggy pants from Etsy: FloAtelier

Another grungy biker jacket from Etsy: bazhane

Tulle skirt from Etsy: FloAtelier

Elegant crop jacket from Etsy: bazhane

Slip dress from Gilda & Pearl

A girly, thin button down knit looks the right amount of 90s preppy cute when paired with a slip dress for a casual night out, or you can go for an all-out grunge look with ripped jeans and a cropped hoodie.

Knits can be great statement pieces

When it comes to indie knitwear, there are so many options available for creating your own unique retro aesthetic look. A knit worn with a slip dress can take the outfit anywhere between 50s and 90s retro aesthetic - depends on the knit and on the jewelry you choose.

From statement pieces like knitted coats and sweaters to more subtle options such as graphic tees and delicate scarves – there is a perfect piece for every taste. Also, investing in quality knitwear pieces from independent designers will give you the assurance that your pieces are not only stylish but also made to last.

Retro jewelry can help you make an outfit aesthetic

Jewelry is a great way to add a special touch to any outfit and make it look more fashionable and stylish. For those looking to create their own unique retro aesthetic look, jewelry can be an invaluable tool in achieving the desired result.

Not only can it act as an accessory that adds texture and interest, but it can also be used to emphasize certain aspects of the outfit. For example, a chunky necklace can be used to draw attention to a retro mini dress or simple knit top.

With all these tools, creating your own retro aesthetic look with indie knitwear should be a breeze, even if you don’t want to throw your current wardrobe out the window.

The difference between retro and vintage

Last but not least, let’s talk about the difference between retro and vintage clothes.

Vintage clothes are a unique way to express yourself and stand out in a crowd. These classic pieces are usually directly from the time period you are aesthetically interested in and can be found in thrift stores, vintage stores, or even handed down through family members. Each item has its own appeal, featuring gorgeous designs and patterns that date back generations.

Retro clothes and jewelry on the other hand may not be quite as old. There are indie vendors who specialize in old-time outfits replicas, and while these clothes are very retro, they are not vintage - they are newly made clothes, in a retro style. The good thing is they use colors and styles from the past, but using modern materials that are usually softer on the skin and more breathable. This creates a mix with a modern look that is timeless yet fashion-forward.

Sometimes retro clothes are a bit toned down too, to look less off-the-wall when worn today. For example, a retro white dress might have slight bell sleeves but a vintage dress would have full shirring at the waist and absolutely giant oversized bells.

If you’re ready to take your wardrobe back in time, try adding just a little bit of the vintage flair with retro.

Retro style is one of the most versatile looks around - you can get creative and make it funky or feminine, minimal or bohemian. From these two diverse angles, each outfit will still capture that classic vintage feel. There’s so much room to explore your own unique aesthetic.

Retro get-ups are an awesome way to showcase your own unique fashion sense.