Retro Volume On Straight Hair: How to Straigten Hair With Volume

Retro Volume On Straight Hair: How to Straigten Hair With Volume

If there’s one look to rule them all, it’s that of a sleek, voluminous blow-out that looks effortlessly stunning. And if any hair-goal is worth pursuing, it’s this one - glossy and straight strands are the go-to. But just because you go straight, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the full, voluminous style.

Because we all love the effortless glamour of a straight sleek blow-out, but it can be tough to get the style just right. Have you ever noticed that after the blow dryer, your hair looks flat and lifeless?

With the right products, temperatures, and techniques, you can easily straighten your hair without sacrificing volume. From using a round brush to replacing your towel with a micro one, these tried and true tips will get you that voluminous, salon-style look.

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Hair Volume Secret: Unveiling Tricks That Hairdressers Have Been Keeping From Us

It’s far too easy to straighten your hair these days - but when it comes to maintaining the long-desired hair volume, the quest can seem endless. But the knowledge of the pros, those you entrust with your precious locks, isn’t as secret as once thought. We speak to hair heros, the very same hairdressers whose tricks are kept under locks and key, to uncover the ultimate ways to straighten yet keep the bounce.

Leading Brazilian Keratin therapy (aka the “Brazilian Blowout”) is the new way to go the extra mile to keep hair healthy and hydrated. While it does, of course, straighten kinks and curls, the technically rich treatment also seals in Keratin protein to make sure your volume isn’t effected. Cecconi’s Salon, located in London’s Mayfair, recommends this treatment as a go-to for those who want a salon perfect finish without compromising their beloved locks.

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Hollywood and catwalk stars have adopted the giant foam rollers to keep their manes primed and full of life. Far from the birds nest look some of us remember our grandmothers sporting, these new-fashioned rollers subtly keep the hair smooth without flattening out the volume. For those with a full head, dampen the hair and roll as usual but opt for the largest or the cylinder rollers for an instant Hollywood result.

Use a bigger brush and slow heat

When it comes to the blow-dry, why not use a big round brush? Although it may take a little longer, using a round brush will give plenty of lasting volume.

To be real though, the key to achieving the perfect result is in the hairdryer. Use a dryer that will let you regulate the temperature way up but the speed down. To keep your mane shiny, you should use a dryer with ions.

Then, blowdry whilst rolling the brush away from the roots for lift - but dry quickly and accurately, without leaving the brush in the same place for too long.

Wash your hair less often

Dry shampoo, hair tonic and styling concentrate have all been developed to support new hair growth, keep styles in place and even add texture and piecey-edges. Hair tonics have caught the eye of many a beauty guru and social musher, too.

Nourish the scalp with tonics

There’s a couple of brands that you can dry depending on where you live. The Rapunzel line from Lola has a herbal hair tonic, as have many smaller brands around the world. There’s a more concentrated new hair tonic from The Ordinary that Sephora carries. It’s oily but soaks in well, does not make your hair greasy.

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To wrap it up, say goodbye to pin-straight styles for good - we trendsetters deserve far better! With the latest tricks for keeping our hair looking its best and maintaining the desired volume, your hair is sure to be looking groovy. ___

Having sleek straight hair with volume can seem impossible. Luckily enough, there are plenty of ways to achieve this classic style without sacrificing the desired volume. From technological innovations to popular celebrity hair care secrets, this guide will help you obtain the best results.

For those who love to take advantage of the latest hair styling technology, try using a flat iron on lower temperature settings and make sure to brush the hair out with a paddle brush after every pass. This will ensure not to drain any of the essential oils that are needed to protect your hair and lend volume. Similarly, using anti-humidity hair serums can also help to keep your locks from falling flat. Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams are two celebrity A-listers who swear by Redken’s Pillow Proof Primer for keeping their locks sleek for the red carpet.

Take the tips presented here as your guide and indulge in some much needed volume to accompany your straightened mane!