Tech Trends: 3 Smart Home Gadgets for New Parents

Tech Trends: 3 Smart Home Gadgets for New Parents

Parenting is not easy. Be it in the form of teaching the little ones manners and ethics, making them learn the numbers, ensuring their safety, or monitoring them. All these tasks require a bit of help, especially for the new parents.

The first newborn can be a handful and leveraging some help from technology wouldn’t be such a bad thing, right? In comes the smart gadgets and mobile applications.

Not only do smart gadgets make lives easier, but they also add a bit of intelligence into our day-to-day lives. Trust me, this is very important when you become a new parent. It is like a hands-on-deck situation: The more help you can get the merrier.

The best element of smart gadgets is all the assistance in making parenting easy without any intervention from any other human being. It’s all machine assisting in things you need. It gets better. All it requires in some cases is a steady internet connection so that you stay updated about your baby’s movement (we’ll get into that in a minute).

When it comes to steady internet connection, and high fiber speeds, AT&T stands out as one of the best options out there. It worked wonders for my household when we had troubles with our internet. It was quite easy to connect to. Just reach out to AT&T customer service and they will guide you on exactly what you need as per your home internet needs. The rest is easy.

Now, let’s get into finding out some of the best smart home gadgets for new parents.

Snoo Smart Crib

Cribs are the core element when it comes to setting up everything for the new baby. A space where they can sleep independently and have comfortable space.

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Yes, the price tag on the Snoo smart crib is one to let your jaw drop, but trust me – it is worth every penny you are about to spend. This smart crib will easily save you the cost of purchasing a white noise machine since it comes built-in with the crib. Not only can the baby feel comfort in the white noise, but the mix with womb noise is perfect for keeping the baby calm.

Hey, that’s not all. Your crib will also be a swaddle! So when the child moves or starts crying, the crib begins to move at a specific speed just enough to put the baby at ease.

I loved every bit of this creation and surely a great investment in smart gadgets for our new baby.

Owlet Dream Sock

The most basic instinct of any new parent is to keep on checking their baby if they are still breathing fine, and if they are asleep alright. One might think of it as an extra added hassle, but for parents, it is just their gut they can’t go against.

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I understand, and I am here to make this entire process a lot easier for you. Rather than running to your baby every minute or two, just put on a smart sock on them – the Owlet Dream Sock. This sock has got it all covered for you. From monitoring the baby’s heart rate, and sleep pattern, to checking blood oxygen levels. All this information will be available on your phone in the app connected to the sock.

In case of anything unusual, you also instantly get pinged.

You might think that the price of a sock is quite cha-ching but you have my word on this. It is way more than just a mere sock. It’s smart and it keeps your baby’s vitals in check and helps you in sleep regression cycles too. Simply perfect.

Evoz Smart Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are the core essentials when it comes to preparing for a new baby. With plenty of options available in the market, it can be a bit tedious to find the best one. Allow me to make this decision easy for you. You need to get an Evoz Smart Baby Monitor for your newborn.

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I have good reason to support this. Hear me out.

This monitor makes its name for HD quality wide-angle videos. The monitor can keep track of changing, feeding, sleeping, and even temperature data. This is not all. The monitor only detects when the baby is crying. The rest you can break anything, or even hold a karaoke session in the room – the monitor doesn’t bother. It is only the baby’s cry that gets the monitor’s attention. This doesn’t mean you are not tracking any movement in the room of course.

The Evoz app along with the monitor comes loaded with tips and hacks for parents to make things easier for them.

Whether it is your first baby, or the third one – the nervousness is always there. There is an added responsibility on your way and you want to do your best and give your child only what’s best out there. It can get quite exhausting when you just never know what to do and where to start but thanks to the technology for making things easier.

With these top 3 smart gadgets listed above, it is the best investment for a new parent so far. From the swaddling kit that has it all, to the baby monitor that is monitoring the room temperature to the dot – you will love every bit of it.