10+ Juicy V-Shape Haircut Styles That Don't Look Flat

10+ Juicy V-Shape Haircut Styles That Don't Look Flat

Red hot wavy v-shape hair vut. IG: diana_barbersalon

The V-shape hair cut is a classic style of haircut that can be quite minimalist or quite daring, depending on how far you go with it.

But in any case, your hair will be cut into a V-shape at the back, either hanging loose down your back or in the case of a short bob, tapering down to just above the neckline.

There’s a caveat because sadly, this type of hair cut is really the best for those who have straight hair or those who style their hair in loose waves.

There are blunt V-shape hair cuts and there are V-shape cuts made of layers.

One popular v-shape cut on long hair, Asian long hair in particular, is to make just a slight wave at the bottom of the hair.

That bottom wave should be irregular and playful, so that the V-taper at the tips of your hair will not even be noticeable.

Bottom wave V-shape cut on Asian hair. IG @psoulfresh

The short V-shape cut look is not often seen anymore. It was popularized in the jazz era and paired with art deco jewelry. It is so aesthetic that you can still wear it today without looking dated - you will just look aesthetic.

If you have straight hair, the V-shape cut can be a great way to freshen up your look and give yourself a modern twist on an old-fashioned style. Just make sure to find a hairdresser who knows how to do this kind of cut properly, as it’s not a 101 thing.

Making your V-shape hairstyle aesthetic

The V-shape hair cut is a great way to add a modern twist to any look. It can range from minimalist to edgy and daring, depending on how far you take it.

For the minimalist look, keeping the cut simple is key. The classic v-shape cut looks great with thicker hair, and can be done in the form of either a blunt v-shape cut or v-shape cut with layers.

Classic wavy v-shape with subtle highlights. IG @jazzmyn_e

For a more daring look, try adding hair dye, balayage to the tips, or even some curtain bangs layers to accentuate your v shape hairstyle. Adding these elements will give you an edge that is sure to turn heads.

Red hot wavy v-shape hair vut. IG: diana_barbersalon

1. Long Straight Hair with V-Shape Layered Hair Cut

Adding length to the v-shape cut can subtly take your look to a whole new level. With long straight hair, you can make the v-shape haircut more daring and modern by adding layers throughout the v-shape. This layered v-shape haircut will give your hair some extra body and texture.

To be sure, the layered V-cut will make you look more rock’n’roll as this haircut is closer to the 70s retro aesthetic or to witchy aesthetics, especially with curtain bangs.

These two aesthetic being related means that the layered V-shape cut the best choice if you want to make your hair look very aesthetic but without dying it.

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Both above IG @diana_barbersalon

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2. Long Straight Hair with V-Shape Blunt Hair Cut

The v-shape blunt cut is a classic look in the hairstyle world that can be modified to suit any face shape. This v-shape haircut is created by cutting hair into a v-shape at the back, in this case with a blunt cut. What you do with your hair at the front is a completely different thing and that is what will determine how aesthetic you will look.

Dying your hair tips can emphasize the v-shape cut on very long hair, where it has the tendency to look too plain. Also, you can go for an edgier look with bolder choice of hair dye.

Whether you keep it simple or take the v-shape haircut to a new level, long straight hair with v-shape cut is sure to make heads turn.

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If you want to really take your v-shaped layered cut to new levels, consider hair extensions. Choose quality, of course - human hair extensions in particular have the remarkable ability to add volume and movement to your hair, creating a much more dynamic look. Regardless of your hair type or thickness, the right human hair extensions should seamlessly blend with your own hair. That is going to effortlessly enhance the body of your v-shaped layers.

With their natural appearance and ability to mimic real hair, these extensions offer great styling possibilities for the glamorous and sophisticated old-money look that is all over Instagram right now.

3. Sleek Bob with V-Shape Hair Cut

The jazz era sleek bob with v-shape undercut was a classic hairstyle choice until it became too close to the infamous Karen meme. Its popularity tanked really fast from there, understandably.

In another way, a v-shape bob cut can also be done in a longer version, with subtle highlights and face framing layers around the face.

IG @glowshair_technique

The v-shape cut will add dimension, while the subtle highlights and layers will soften up your overall look.

No matter what v-shape cut you choose, make sure to find a hair stylist who knows how to do it properly as it’s not a one size fits all kind of situation. With the right hairdresser, your v shape haircut will be certain to give you an aesthetic look that is sure to impress.