15+ Seventies Inspired Bangs Looks and Styling Tips

15+ Seventies Inspired Bangs Looks and Styling Tips

If you’re looking to add some retro flair to your look, consider rocking a seventies-inspired bang. Whether you opt for a blunt cut or a side-swept fringe, there are plenty of ways to make the iconic style your own.

Here’s an overview of more than fifteen different looks and styling tips to help you rock the perfect 70s bang.

1. The Blunt Cut Bang

This classic style is characterized by full and straight bangs that hit just above the brow line. This style works best with straight hair, but those with wavy or curly hair can still rock this look with the help of a flat iron. To create a modern twist on this traditional look, try adding volume at the base or sweeping it off to one side for an updated take.

2. The Side-Swept Bang

If you want something more subtle than a blunt cut, consider trying out this side swept bang. To get the perfect sweep, use an angled brush while blow drying your bangs off to one side. The key is to keep your brush moving in the same direction as you blow dry so that all of your strands move in unison and achieve that signature swoosh effect. For added volume and texture, lightly spritz some texturizing spray onto your roots after styling.

3. The Curtain Bang

This style features two distinct sections of fringe that can be parted in any number of ways—center part, deep part, zigzag part—the possibilities are endless! When it comes time to styling this look, start by spraying some sea salt spray onto damp hair before blow drying it with a diffuser attachment on low heat and low speed settings. This will help lock in natural texture while keeping flyaways at bay. Finish up by lightly teasing the crown for extra oomph!

These are just three of the most popular vintage-inspired bang looks that you can try out.

Whether you opt for a full blunt cut or something slightly more subtle like curtain bangs or side swept fringes, there’s something here for everyone who loves retro fashion trends from the 1970s.

So go ahead—give these looks and styling tips a try today and channel your inner Jane Fonda! #fringeforlife!