Baggy Jeans Outfit Aesthetic

Baggy Jeans Outfit Aesthetic

Hero image, from the left: DSQUARED SS 2015, Etsy: ohyeahrock (available 2022),

The moment of baggy jeans first came with hip-hop artists and the culture in the 1990s. Baggy jeans became a symbol of the hip-hopper lifestyle and culture and became a way to express individual style and personality.

Etsy: Mykhastudio's Vintage Southpole Baggy Jeans

Etsy: Mykhastudio’s Vintage Southpole Baggy Jeans (available 2022)

Etsy: BeautyToday Cargo Baggy Jeans (available June 2022)

Etsy: BeautyToday’s Cargo Baggy Jeans (available 2022)

Both fast fashion and indie fashion adopted the baggy jeans aesthetic and shaped it into what it is now.

The baggy jean aesthetic is often associated with an “edgy” or “cool” style. The truth is though that baggy jeans can be worn in a variety of ways, depends on how you style them. Baggy jeans are now a staple in many fashion wardrobes, and can be styled in a bunch of creative ways that take the aesthetic far from the look of the 1990’s hip hop artist.

Loose-on-loose aesthetics all the way

If you want to go the original edgy way, try the loose-on-loose aesthetic. You can take this route with any baggy clothes aesthetic.

Etsy: ohyeahrock’s Women Casual Denim Pants (available 2022)

The loose-on-loose baggy jeans style then developed in two directions. The first one is the favourite among those who like to make a fashion statement. It hinges on making the baggy jeans as interesting as possible. High fashion adopted took to this way pretty easily - here’s Junya Watanabe 2018-19:

It’s the kind of statement jeans you’ll see on street photos during fashion weeks.

Here’s what else you can get on Etsy for the statement type of baggy jeans in 2022:

Etsy: sourschool

Etsy: sourschool

Etsy: WomenLinenPants{:loading=”lazy”}

Etsy: OhYeahRock

Grandpa jeans - the wearable baggy jeans aesthetic

Grandpa jeans are one of the baggy jeans variants that got trendy in a mainstream way. Grandpa jeans are the super slouchy, way oversized jeans that are completely plain.

A pair of jeans a grandpa would wear. That’s not usually a piece of work designed to make a statement like those hippie patchwork jeans in the previous section. Just a pair of plain cotton jeans that are comfortably baggy.

In women’s fashion, the grandpa jeans trend became known as wearable because you get a cute look if you combine grandpa jeans with a pair of heels and a plain shirt or sweatshirt.

grandpa jeans with heels

Elis Cecilia Blog

Grandpa jeans - the wearable baggy jeans aesthetic

The outfit above is the most popular, and most wearable way to style baggy jeans: An oversized t-shirt or sweater and statement shoes. This is the look for those who want to wear some very baggy jeans, but still look put together.

Some people call it “slouchy chic” and if you accessorise, you can get that vibe even with sneakers:


Baggy jeans with a tight top

An even more classic way is to wear baggy jeans with a skin tight top. This is the choice to give you more of an hourglass shape and will also help to define your waist, if that’s what you’re going for.

Citizens of Humanity - Dylan jeans via

Citizens of Humanity - Dylan jeans via

You can always just keep it simple with a white t-shirt and your favourite pair of baggy jeans. This is a traditional go-to look that can be dressed up or down with a coat and accessories depending on the occasion.

In a simple outfit like that, accessories change a lot.

DSQUARED SS 2015 baggy jeans

DSQUARED SS 2015 via

Gitta Banko baggy jeans

Gitta Banko

Baggy but chic

Accessories change a lot but materials change everything. For a less edgy look that is still less classic than the baggy jeans with tight top combo, do the loose-on-loose in similar colour tones but in different materials.

Off-white baggy jeans and a crisp white top - that kind of combo. That can be pretty casual, but you can elevate it a little bit by wearing heels and by making the top a turtleneck.

Boring to some I’m sure, but if you want to wear baggy jeans some place where edgy is not a good look, this is the way. Look at the four pictures below: They are all the same RAEY Fold dad baggy jeans, just styled differently.

RAEY Fold dasd baggy jeans via

RAEY Fold dasd baggy jeans via

The whole vibe of your baggy jeans outfit will change if the top is a satin top.

Or, if you’re into the 1990’s aesthetic mood, you can try to wear your baggy jeans with the “going out top” - anything in colors that are in your face and possibly with a lot of sequins, glitters, applications or at least patterns on it.

Rihanna has done that and in case you’re wondering, ASOS wedding section can supply you with sequin going-out tops on the cheap.

Rihanna baggy jeans sequin top

baggy jeans sequin top

If you don’t want to go all the way with glitters, go for the patterns or a pop of color for your statement top. That’s both a really fun twist on the baggy jeans aesthetic.

baggy jeans satin top

Findmyopinion2 / Wordpress

baggy jeans hot pink satin

baggy jeans bralette

baggy jeans embroidered top

Elle Italia

baggy jeans patterned statement top

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