5 Creative Ways to Make a Baggy Outfit Look Cute

5 Creative Ways to Make a Baggy Outfit Look Cute

Baggy outfits are one of the most popular fashion style all around the world. They give you a good sense of creative freedom because you do not have to adhere to any particular aesthetic to wear baggy outfits.

It is true that the trend was more or less launched by Billie Eilish who prefers to wear tomboy aesthetic baggy styles, but you can absolutely make a baggy outfit cute as well.

The trick is in choosing the right colors and - maybe - in showing a little bit more skin.

Styling Secrets to Make your Baggy Clothes More Feminine

Feminine baggy outfits are the perfect way to express your style and look cute at the same time. They combine the casual vibes of loose-fitting clothes with a more delicate, feminine edge that makes you stand out from the crowd.

To achieve this look, you will need to focus on balancing cute baggy pieces with cute patterns, colors, and fabrics.

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Pastel colors are the natural choice here and you might find it useful that baggy kawaii aesthetic exists, too.

But just a nice cute top works great for this. Pairing one of this years white going out tops with baggy pants and a baggy unzipped hoodie can work.

Princess Polly (Miami Vice)

Lastly - accessories. Even a baggy jumpsuit can be dressed up with heels and the right accessories, like Bella Hadid does it sometimes.

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If a crop top with a baggy jacket or a knit over it looks too plain for your aesthetic needs, then the key is to make sure that everything you choose fits in with your overall aesthetic.

Have fun mixing and matching items of different vibes:

  • cute jackets and rough looking baggy cargo trousers
  • metal band tank tops and cute sweaters
  • plain minimalist baggy outfits with cute headbands

Princess Polly (Kalinda)

Princess Polly (Dust Dancing)

Finally, don’t forget to pair it with cute shoes to complete the look. From jelly sandals to sneakers to cute heels, don’t hesitate to go quite elegant with your choices here. It will create an interesting contrast with the oversized, boyish vibe of your baggy clothes.

Worried your cute baggy outfit will be boring?

Creating visual contrast in fashion can be done with several way, and in baggy outfits you can combine several of them.

First way to add contrast is by using slightly clashy colors or textures. Second one is the choice of silouettes, for instance if you go for baggy pants and a baggy hoodie that is cropped to reveal your waist. Even if you choose to wear a top to cover your skin and not to show your tummy, the proportions will still be contrasting.

The last way to add cute contrast to your baggy outfit is by adding cute accessories, like cute jewelry, cute bags or cute hats.

So take some time to experiment and create the perfect cute baggy outfit for yourself!

Princess Polly (ANNERLEY)

Cute baggy clothes are a great way to express your style and look cute at the same time. Whether you prefer cute, tomboyish looks or cute, girly vibes, there are plenty of ways to achieve the perfect cute baggy outfit. Just remember to blend colors, textures, and accessories that fit in with your overall aesthetic, for a cute look that will be sure to turn heads. Have fun creating cute baggy outfits that reflect your unique sense of style!