10 Cute Indie Things for Your Bedroom (Inspo)

10 Cute Indie Things for Your Bedroom (Inspo)

What makes a bedroom cute?

Bedroom is the space where you will be spending your evenings. So, one of the absolutely dealbreaking things you can do for your bedroom decoration and vibe is to choose the lighting well.

You’re in luck too because that surely doesn’t break the bank.

A bedroom that looks cute and feels cozy will probably have a larger lamp with a soft light. It’s super convenient to co-opt just a single one thing from Japanese interior designs and that is the habit to place these lights close to the walls. This way the light will bounce off the wall and disperse softly. It looks so much cozier than just a plain light in the middle of the room.

Other than that, the indie decor style will have you get LED lights or colored neons. Pink neons are great if you are into vaporwave aesthetic, but they can come off too much like a club to some.

For the rest of the items, a cute bedroom will use some wall art for sure. Posters, cute framed pictures of nature or cute animals will look fabulous.

You can also explore the options of getting a cute little bookshelf and filling it with cute items – like cute plushies and other cute decorations. Making sure to keep a lot of empty space for natural breathing is key, though.

The colors you use to decorate will also determine the cute factor – so going for pastel or soft neutrals is a must. Transforming your bedroom into a pastel paradise is never a bad idea if you’re going for cute.

The furniture should have cute details and cute patterns as well. Take some inspiration from the Danish pastel decor and get outlandish wavy candles or those that are shaped seashells.

10 Tips to Create a Cute Bedroom on a Budget

  1. Choose the right lighting – look for large lamps with soft light, LED lights or cute colored neons to set the mood in your cute bedroom.

  2. Pick up cute wall art – find cute posters, decals, framed pictures of nature, cute animals and other decorations that fit your style.

  3. Get a cute bookshelf – fill it with cute items and decorations like plushies, but keep a lot of empty space for it to look good.

  4. Go for pastel or soft, burnt neutrals – going for cute colors is a must if you want your bedroom to look cute.

  5. Pick slightly weird furniture – get outlandish wavy candles or shaped seashells that will add cute details to your bedroom.

    Bubble candles from Not On The High Street

  6. Get a cute rug – rugs can be surprisingly affordable and they are great for adding cute touches to any room.

  7. Buy cute bedsheets – cute bedsheets in soft colors, with cute patterns or cute animal prints will look awesome.

  8. DIY or buy cute wall art – making cute decorations and ornaments yourself is a great way to save money while still making your bedroom look cute.

    Cheetah wall art from Etsy

  9. Add cute pillows – cute pillows are an inexpensive way to add some cute touches to your bedroom. Look for cute shapes, textures and prints.

    Look up flower pillows on Etsy

  10. Hang up string lights – string lights are an easy, cute and affordable way to add some cute vibes to your bedroom. They look especially cute when hung up around the bed.

Creating a cute bedroom on a budget can be done with just a few of these tips and a pinch of creativity!