Inspo Hunt: Where to find aesthetic photos?

Inspo Hunt: Where to find aesthetic photos?

If you’re looking for aesthetic photos or other digital art to add a touch of atmosphere and maybe even a bit of that dark vibe to your Instagram feed, there are plenty of places to explore. No matter what aesthetic vibe are you building in your feed, there is a lot to work with on the internet, I assure you. From lush forests to grand architectural ruin, a plethora of visually stunning scenes await you.

Finding Aesthetic Photos in the (Online) Wild

Thanks to the internet, new aesthetic subcultures have been appearing in different places around the world. That means that as long as you know how to search, there is always plenty of sources to tap into. Aesthetics just have become immensely popular amongst young people wanting to express themselves through unique images. Finding aesthetically pleasing photos to match the desired feel of specific subcultures can be difficult, but there are ways to get the look you need for your project or presentation.

Tumblr is probably the best resource for finding aesthetic photos that have been specifically geared towards certain subcultures. On Tumblr, much like on Instagram, you can search hashtags to find posts featuring certain aesthetics. But unlike on Instagram, the visuals are easy to download if you want to work with them for your own aesthetic projects. You can also contact artists who post their work on Tumblr and ask them if they have any willing to sell or license their work to you.

If you have some money to spare, one amazing resource for finding aesthetic photos are markets like Etsy or Redbubble. There are several more of these that allow artists to list digital art for instant downloads. You will see a lot of people on Tumblr advertising their Etsy shop.

Most of these are paid, but you get the full HD and the prices are calculated for bulk sales. So while a commission with an indie artist might cost you at least 30 USD with someone who is just starting out, a digital download listed on Etsy will probably be around 2 USD.

Of course, bulk product needs to appeal to the bulk of the crowd. That means you won’t typically find anything very edgy or strongly impressive on these markets.

If strong statements are what you want, you might be luckier on the aforementioned Tumblr, or alternatively on DeviantArt. Both places allow downloads of some art - depends on what the author agrees to. Either way, it’s always super easy to reach out to people in the comments under each specific artwork.

Of course, you can also search on Instagram for influencers who specialize in certain aesthetics. Following their pages will allow you to find photos that fit with the mood of the aesthetic you’re going for.

Last but not least, nothing beats taking your own photographs. If you have access to a at least an iPhone and learn the basics of photography, you can create aesthetically pleasing images from subjects within your own environment. Taking photos of items or scenes that represent the desired feel of a particular subculture will give you photos that truly embody the mood and aesthetic you’re looking for.

For now, let’s give you some more inspo from what we’ve already dug out online for you.

1. Fairycore and Goblincore

Begin your odyssey for aesthetic photos among the verdant paradise of nature. With lush greenery all around, the photographic opportunities are endless. Take a stroll through a countryside valley, framed by picturesque rolling hills and carpeted in a rich green meadow. Or explore a forest preserve, where each step takes you further into a quiet respite away from the hustle of modern life. Go in the early morning for something truly special — a misty layer of fog enveloping the woods , a soft light glinting off the trees, giving them a shimmering glow.

More of these here

Art by Lena Sanver, photographer, contact and webshop on

2. Dark aesthetics

If you really want to find the most special aesthetic photos, look to the night sky. Explore the constellations as the moon peers from behind the clouds, catch distant galaxies through a telescope, or simply bask in the awe of a million stars lighting a dark sky.

For the art connoisseur, every photo will be a feast for the eyes. With a little imagination and experimentation, you can find luxurious, aesthetically pleasing shots wherever you explore.

More of these here

Contour art by Paolo Ceris

3. Dark Modern

Tackle a more urban route to find aesthetic photos by visiting grand architecture. Venture to a time long gone, where towering ruins evoke a sense of mystery and awe. Take in the crumbling walls and ornate details, windows and doors lost to the wind and rain, and grand palaces dissipating with each passing day.

Celebrities using Aesthetic Photos

Aesthetic photos are a popular trend worn by many celebrities. From movie stars to sports icons, these photos showcase the styles of many beloved faces. Many celebrities have embraced the trend, choosing to have aesthetic photos printed either for their own personal use, or to post on social media, as a fun way to show off their personality and style.

A good example of this is actor Jared Leto, known for his role in “Suicide Squad”. Leto has posted many photos with soft pastel colors, and dreamy landscapes, often laid out in an artistic manner. The photos have become quite popular, as they give fans a glimpse into the actor’s creative side.

Singer Miley Cyrus is another celebrity who likes to use aesthetic photos. Many of her posts include playful selfies in vibrant colors, or pictures taken during her travels around the world. They often have a dreamy, fairytale-like feel, and show off her fun loving nature.

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is also well-known for his collection of aesthetic photos. From close-up selfies, to fun, outdoor shots playing football, Ronaldo is a master of the aesthetic trend. He often shows off his unique style in his photos, and his love of fashion and sports.

In addition to these celebrities, many others enjoy using aesthetic photos to express themselves. All of these celebrities prove that this trend will be around for some time to come, and can be used to add a bit of mystery and personality to any image.

If you are looking for aesthetic photos, Instagram is a great resource with many examples. You can search for any celebrity you like and get inspired by their interpretations of this trend.

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