Grandmillenial Aesthetic: The bougie way to use motivational wall art

Grandmillenial Aesthetic: The bougie way to use motivational wall art

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The millenial interior decor has its things that a lot of people consider low-key toxic. It’s the cult of the motivational poster, usually in pink, that co-opts a simplified version of Buddhism into a slogan that keeps you grinding and hustling through the week. The backdrop of it all is Scandi minimalism and the results looks, well, kind of basic.

But the grandmillennial style is different, at least on surface. It’s a luxurious yet cozy escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with velvet sofas and fluffy rugs that make any room feel like a palace.

A grandmillennial living room or bedroom can be made up of rich jewel tones, sleek metallics, ornate statement pieces, and even some of those classic millenial elements like blush pink accents, witty slogans or a motivational poster hidden on the wall — but this time it looks more high-end and fresher.

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Some people wil say that grandmillenial is just more obnoxious but the simple fact is that it’s a much less boring mix of traditional grandeur and modern comfort. And that does make grandmillennial decor look very attractive to so many people.

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Grandmillenial living room inspo

Is the message of this decor any different than the classic millenial one? Well, it’s less pretentious, that one thing is certain. The grandmillenial style is rife with comfort and pampering so while you might get your dose of zen cliche on the walls, the overall vibe makes it very clear that what you are really after is material comfort.

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Nothing wrong with that, and now that the luckier among us might still get to work from home, this particular fusion is called for, I think.

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So if you are ready to give grandmillennial decor a try, here are some examples of what you can create in your living room:

  • A velvet sofa set with an ornate gold and brass coffee table. Exposed brick walls or wallpaper add texture and interest to the background. A fluffy rug provides warmth and comfort underfoot.

  • A subtle shade of blush pink on the walls, with a velvet armchair and a sleek metallic side table. Match it with some zen prints on the wall and an elegant grandmillennial rug to finish off the look.

  • An eclectic mix of vintage pieces like tufted chairs, traditional cabinets, and luxe accessories like glass lamps and vintage mirrors. A bright statement rug brings the room together.

  • A grandmillennial bedroom with a four-poster bed, velvet curtains, crystal chandelier, and some modern art pieces on the walls in muted tones. Add a plush rug for some extra comfort and you have a luxurious sleeping haven!

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Grandmillenial bedroom inspo

If you want to create a grandmillennial look for your bedroom, here are some ideas:

  • A velvet upholstered bed with an ornate headboard and brass details. Match it with a luxurious patterned rug and floor lamp for the perfect grandmillennial vibe.

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  • A Danish pastel wall art design with blush pink accents and a velvet chaise lounge. Hang up some zen prints or a motivational poster on the wall and add some grandmillennial elements like brass bedside tables, gold lamps, and luxe accessories to complete the look.

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  • An exotic mix of mirrors with other vintage furniture pieces such as ornate vases, tufted beds, traditional cabinets, glass lamps and mirrors gives a grandmillennial look to your bedroom. Add hints of color with pillows and throws for an added touch of comfort.

  • Create a grandmillennial vibe with a boho chic canopy bed, plush rugs, velvet curtains and wall art in muted tones. Statement pendant lights provide the finishing touches to this luxe sleeping haven.

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The grandmillennial style of decorating is a luxurious and comfortable way to bring high-end style into your home. The key design elements are velvet upholstery, metallic accents, and statement pieces. This look is usually best achieved with deep colors such as jewel tones or shades of blush pink.