Unlocking Creative Wonders: An Intro to the Craft of Watercolor

Unlocking Creative Wonders: An Intro to the Craft of Watercolor

Hero art is “Fall in Philadelphia” by Maja Wronska

There’s nothing like creating your own masterpiece, and what better way to do it than with a watercolor painting?

From sketching urban landscapes in your own city to creating cartoon character illustrations, watercolor painting is a fun, relaxing, and trend-savvy outlet for your creative spirit.

Whether you’re a fashionista looking for a refreshing way to show off your outfits or a blogger inspired by the vivid colors of the urban sketching communities, learning some basic watercolor painting techniques will surely help you have a lot of fun. So, let’s get started!

Beginner Watercolor Painting Prompts: Learning Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Watercolor painting has become a popular way to get creative and express yourself. Whether it’s celebrities coloring their own watercolor portraits or yourself painting the dream of your Italian vacation in June, everyone can get onto it!

If you’ve ever wanted to dabble in watercolor painting, but were not sure where to start, then this article is for you! Here’s a list of easy, beginner-friendly painting prompts that will have you creating works of art in no time:

1. Exchange colors:

Abstract shapes are the easiest way to get started. Paint two simple shapes in opposite colors (e.g., green and purple). Paint the background using one color and then exchange the two shapes by painting the other shape with the other color. For example, your purple triangle would be painted green and your green circle would be painted purple. Then fill in the background with stripes or zig zag shapes in complementary colors.

2. Create a moody sky:

Find a landscape with a large sky. Look out the window, use your own pictures of a sunset or delve into Google Images. Begin by painting the sky softly with light blues and light purples. Add a few darker blues, pinks and greys to create a moody feeling. Focus on the lightest and lightest darkest colors to build up your sky painting.

Fall watercolor by Kenneth Falk

3. Create colorful abstract shapes:

This one is a great way to practice your technique. Start by putting down a color wash that covers the entire paper. Allow the paper to dry before adding in different abstract lines and shapes. Use different hues to make the shapes pop.

4. Paint a still life:

Gather together a few random items that you have lying around the house (e.g., a cup, an apple, a book). Arrange the items in front of you before beginning to paint. Start by mapping out the objects using a pencil and then begin painting in washes of color. Try to keep the colors light and see what sorts of interesting effects you can create!

5. Paint yourself into a photo:

Find a favorite photo that you have of yourself and get creative with it! Blow up the image and paint the background a hue that complements your skin color. Use higher concentrations of color towards the center of the image and lighten it as you reach the edges to create an engaging focus.

6. Paint a Celebrity:

I mean, who wouldn’t want to paint a celebrity with watercolor paints? They don’t have to be a big-name celebrity, and just in case they are Elon Musk, maybe don’t send them the finished work… But as for practice, celebrity photos are great. Look to your favorite Instagram influencers or fashion bloggers to provide photographic inspiration. Make sure to use light washes of colors that helps create a smooth complexion for the face.

Making art can be so rewarding and watercolor painting is an excellent way to take advantage of that. So get to painting and experiment with different ways to incorporate color into your works! With practice and dedication, you’ll be creating artworks to rival those of any Hollywood celebrity in no time.

“Whiskey made me do it” by Klh61391

Aesthetic Bliss: Jump Start Your Watercolor Journey

Ready to dive into the world of watercolor painting? Explore your inner Leonardo da Vinci and take time to appreciate its breathtaking beauty along the way.

Consider your toolbox of essential painting supplies like Winsor and Newton watercolors and Strathmore’s Fabriano Splendor Watercolor Paper. Dress yourself in an artful and sophisticated artist smock by Vilebrequin.

Add a flirty touch of Kitsch Floral Headbands for a bit of playful shimmering and shining. Whatever your personal style, express yourself and embrace the aesthetic of watercolor painting. So get ready to dip your brush and join the creative world of vibrant watercolor painting!

It seems like everyone is jumping on the watercolor painting train these days. Not only is it a creative outlet, but it’s also an accessible and affordable way for anyone to express themselves. Not to mention, with popular clothing and beauty brands like Urban Outfitters and Sephora offering watercolor painting kits, it makes it all the more fun and easy to join in on the trend.