Get Your Hands On These Unconventional Collectibles & Join the Fun Online

Get Your Hands On These Unconventional Collectibles & Join the Fun Online

You may have seen the latest celebrity toting a handbag by the most sought after designer brand. But who’s to say that’s the only way to express their unique style? To truly express one’s individuality, sometimes you’ve got to go down an unconventional route.

And that’s exactly what we’re here to tell you—it’s time to broaden your collection and collect something out of the ordinary!

Turns out that there are all sorts of crazily interesting items out there that not only people collect, but they build amazing online communities around.

So, not only will these items add a fascinating twist to your lifestyle, but there’s some fabulous supporting communities online for all these unconventional collectibles. Get clued up on pens, inks and urban sketching with a blog or forum full of amazing swatches. Or explore the great selection of indie beauty and their fabulous online communities.

We’re all for unconventionality around here, and so with that in mind, let’s dive into the world of fountain pens and indie fragrances. Check out our exclusive interviews with experts and trend-setters, plus advice on how to get the best deals and where to bargain hunt when it comes to these unique collectibles. Here’s to trying something new and adding a touch of the unique to your wardrobe!

Collecting Unique Style: Fountain Pens, Indie Fragrances & More

The phrase “collectible” usually carries with it the image of coins, stamps, or antiques. But did you know that there are a range of cooler, modern collectibles gaining popularity? From fountain pens to indie fragrances, these unconventional collectibles make for a fun hobby that has something to offer everyone. Let’s take a closer look!

Fountain Pens

Ushering in a new era of writing, fountain pens are the preferred choice for many today. From Harry Styles to Emma Watson, celebrities use fountain pens to the delight of their fans. From vintage-style pens to modern styles, choosing the right pen for yourself can be a pleasurable experience.

This often comes with an added bonus of discovering the online fountain pen community.

Sketch by u/00_punk_00

On forums like Reddit’s r/fountainpens, some of the most passionate collectors collaborate and share not just photos of their pens but some very cute swatches and ink tests.

It’s a great place for anyone who is into the aesthetic of ink drawings and handwriting, even if you don’t have the budget for a fancy fountain pen just now.

Get Your Hands On These Unconventional Collectibles & Join the Fun Online
Get Your Hands On These Unconventional Collectibles & Join the Fun Online
Sketch by u/lufishcoo
Ink test by u/roshpens

Indie Fragrances

The world of fragrances has come back to life with the popularity of indie perfumers. An entire industry has opened up in which customers can easily create their own signature scent.

Even without any star power, indie perfumers still offer some unique, mesmerizing scents that often haven’t been offered in a mainstream store before. There’s also a wider variety of perfume oils that are generally quite affordable and have unique, sensual scents.

Like the fountain pen community, there are also a plethora of online resources dedicated to indie fragrances. It’s a great way to find new scents as well as learn more about perfumes and the art of perfumery.

Being connected to the indie scene means you will get a lot of fun content, like astrology-related perfume choices or quests after super niche smells (Perfumes that smell like baked goods, anyone?)

Cairo nights perfume oil from ArRayaanScents


In the world of unconventional collectibles, one trend that’s making a splash is the art of watercolors and urban sketching.

Not to say that you can’t collect watercolor palettes, but typically this is a way of collecting that’s as dynamic and diverse as the bustling cityscapes and tranquil landscapes that inspire it. Rather than traditional treasures, enthusiasts are turning to the pages of their sketchbooks, where every stroke and shade tells a unique story.

These collections of hand-painted moments capture the essence of a city’s heartbeat, from the vibrant street scenes to the hidden gems that often go unnoticed. Each watercolor, a testament to the artist’s perspective, becomes a tangible memory of places traveled and cultures embraced. In a world increasingly focused on the digital, the allure of these analog treasures lies in their ability to transport collectors back to the very moment when brush met paper, and a memory was immortalized in hues and gradients.

There is not a lot of buzz on Reddit, all the communities like r/urbansketchers are pretty small. Try exploring the Instagram hashtag #urbansketching, though!

Whether proudly displayed on a gallery wall or tucked away in a private collection, these watercolors and urban sketches are a celebration of the beauty that surrounds us, encouraging us to pause and appreciate the artistry of the everyday.

Feel. Wear. Collect.

Modern collectibles don’t necessarily have to just be for show. Both fountain pens and indie fragrances have the potential to be appreciated on a daily basis. Collecting can fill an emotional void, helping the collector find new purpose and meaning from their hobby.

For those looking to break away from the traditional collectible market, fountain pens and indie fragrances offer a unique opportunity. Both of these have flourishing online communities that can help facilitate learning and exploration. Whether you’re an experienced collector, or just have the inkling to get started, you’ll be sure to find something new and exciting!

Love fountain pens? Why not make them part of your unique collection? From indie fragrances to interesting collections of celebrity clothing and beauty brands,! there are plenty of unconventional collectible finds out there that have vibrant online communities. Go beyond the collectibles your friends have and let your collection shine with a unique flare!