5 Ways to Add LED Lights and Colorful Neons to Your Bedroom Decor

5 Ways to Add LED Lights and Colorful Neons to Your Bedroom Decor

Are you looking for ways to jazz up your bedroom? If so, LED lights and neon signs can be a great way to do just that!

LED lights create a soft, warm light that can bring any room from boring to modern. Plus, colorful neons signs add an interesting touch of lofi mood at night.

Here are five ideas for how you can incorporate LED lights and colored neons into your bedroom decor.

Upcycle Old Furniture

Got an old dresser or an old chair you don’t use anymore? Why not upcycle it with some LED lights and colorful neons! This is the perfect opportunity to put your creative skills to the test and make something completely unique.

This below is really just a curtain with some throw pillows:

There are more ways to do this kind of trick, though. You can also use the LED lights as a backdrop and then add the neons on top to really make it stand out.

Create an Accent Wall

Adding a pop of color to your bedroom is easy with colored neons, especially when it comes to accent walls.

The easiest way is to choose one wall in the room, or two tops if you want something extra bold, and then use the colors of your choice for the neon signs.

Concentrate more LEDs around the edges for even more impact.

Light Up Your Headboard

Another great way to incorporate LEDs and neons into your bedroom is by adding them around your headboard. This gives off such a cozy yet modern vibe, perfect for relaxing after a long day at work or school.

You could even put up some of those fairy string lights around it too if you really want that extra sparkle in the room!

Hang Some Artwork

If you have some prints lying around that you haven’t hung yet, why not use it and add some LED lights and colorful neons behind it?

It’s a great way to spruce up any space without having to buy anything new, plus it will make whatever artwork you choose look all the more eye-catching!

Make Your Own Sign

Everyone loves personalized items, so why not make your own sign with LEDs and neon colors?

You could go for something funny or inspirational like ‘Dream Big’ or ‘Live Laugh Love’, or get more creative with whatever phrase speaks true for you! Once complete, hang it up wherever in the room needs that extra bit of pizzazz!

Decorating with LEDs and colored neons is a fun way to give any bedroom an edgy yet cozy vibe without breaking the bank on expensive furniture pieces or artworks. With these five ideas in mind, you’re sure to come up with something special that will make this space your own while expressing yourself as well! So what are you waiting for? Get creative today!