Edgy Military Room Decor For Ammo Lovers 101

Edgy Military Room Decor For Ammo Lovers 101

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If you are an ammo lover and want to add a military-inpired aesthetic to your home, there are several ways to do it.

From vintage ammunition boxes to hatchets and beer glasses, these items make great decorating choices for those who appreciate the history and heritage of munitions.

1. Ammo Boxes

An ammo box is a military-style storage container designed for the secure transport and storage of ammunition. These containers are typically formed of metal and labeled with the caliber, quantity and manufacturing date or lot number.

They also feature hinged lids with rubber gaskets to protect the ammunition from moisture damage. These containers have limitless uses, especially when they’re customized.

Customize yours with his name or a short message for a unique, cool gift that he’ll enjoy using year after year.

Besides storing a bulk of 9 caliber ammo, which would be its most often use for the aficionados, they can use these metal or plastic storage containers to store just about anything from tools and gear in your garage, workbench or shed, fishing equipment, 72-hour bug out kits, camping gear, weapons or even a home security system.

They’re water resistant and undetectable by metal detectors, making them the ideal storage choice for valuables and treasures that you want to keep safe and secure.

Personalized USA Military-Style Keepsake box / Etsy: WoodenDesignDecor

For the manliest of men, this military-inspired ammo can is loaded with manly accessories like a flask, hatchet and cigar cutter. They’ll love taking this set on outdoor adventures to store their beer, cigars and gear. Custom bottle opener coins are another of these small items that they might love.

And when it’s time to relax, they can open up the flask and enjoy a cold draft with his new lighter and cutter while sitting around the campfire or watching the sunset.

Those whiskey stones will chill his drink without melting or affecting the flavor, too. They’ll feel mighty patriotic when they open this awesome gift. It’s the perfect set for law enforcement and military personnel.

True vintage US army box with tools / Etsy: VintageArmyBox

2. Hatchets

A hatchet is a great tool for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. It can be used to chop wood, split logs for fires and even create spears and stakes for tents or other outdoor shelters. It can also be used as a makeshift weapon to dispatch wildlife that gets too close for comfort, or to defend against a wild animal attack.

A good hatchet should have a sharp blade that is easy to maintain and keep sharp. A whetstone is ideal, but if you don’t have one available, you can use an old ax to sharpen your hatchet’s edge by simply stroking it across the stone with equal pressure and duration.

A flat-edged blade will provide more surface area than a more curved one, but both are effective for different purposes.

You can even use a hatchet as a hammer, although you’ll want to make sure the blade is sheathed before doing so. This is a particularly useful trick for hammering in tent stakes or for securing the center pole of a tent, although it will take more time and energy than doing the same task with a regular hammer.

Another fun and useful trick with a hatchet is to use it to throw against a target, like a tree trunk or a piece of plywood. Axe throwing is a growing trend that you can find at various venues and a great way to test your dexterity with a sharp weapon in a safe environment.

Of course, nobody should ever attempt this activity when drunk or high and always make sure to have a backstop nearby in case of an accident. Never store a hatchet lying on the ground, as this poses a tripping hazard and could cause someone to trip or stumble over it, potentially getting cut by the blade.

The aesthetic should be even in the small details / Etsy: ArmyDogTags

3. Flasks

A flask is a small bottle-shaped vessel, often of narrow neck. They are used for holding fluids such as alcohol, oil or other liquids.

These olive camouflage engraved flasks make great gifts for groomsmen, bachelorette parties or any military fan who loves to drink. They are also a fun addition to your arsenal of camping gear and tailgating supplies.

You can even give these engraved flasks as military home decor or to display on their gun cabinet!

Genuine Dutch Army Canteen w pouch & stainless steel cup DPM camouflage MOLLE attachments / Etsy: MilitarSurplusStore

4. Bottle Openers

For the more sophisticated drinker, a quality bottle opener is essential. This military-themed bottle opener is perfect for anyone who loves to crack open a cold one after a long day’s work or while on outdoor adventures. It has an ergonomic shape making it easy to use and comes with a carabiner clip so you can attach it to your backpack or key ring.

These bottle openers are made from stainless steel, so they are durable and rust-resistant. They also make great gifts for any man who loves his beer! For the more traditional drinkers, you can also find bottle openers with classic designs like a Navy anchor or an Army star logo.

No matter which design you choose, a bottle opener is an essential piece of equipment for any outdoor enthusiast!

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5. Beer Glasses

As any beer connoisseur knows, the type of glassware you choose can significantly alter the overall flavor, aroma and color of your favorite brews.

Some glassware is specialized to help preserve the foam head while others are better for aerating the drink and bringing forward the flavors and aromas. In addition, different glasses are suited for different types of beers, and most beer lovers will tailor their choice of glassware to each individual beer style.

Luckily, there are plenty of beer glasses available to suit every beer lover’s tastes and preferences. From taller beer glasses for bracing pilsners to stemmed glassware for super hoppy double IPAs, there’s sure to be a military-themed beer glass for your taste.

Another great option is the standard American shaker pint, which is a simple 16-ounce beer glass that’s wide at the mouth and narrower at the base. It’s a common and relatively inexpensive to manufacture glassware that serves a variety of different beer styles.

A few other popular beer glasses to try include the tulip glass (also known as a stangen or stick glass) and the thistle glass, which is a long, narrow glass that helps enhance the flavors and aromas of hoppy beers and malty ales.

Outfit to match via Etsy: SottostratiVintage


Whether you’re looking for something to use in the field, a gift for a special occasion or just an awesome addition to your indie room, there are plenty of military-themed tools and supplies available.

From hatchets and flasks to bottle openers and beer glasses, you can find everything you need to add a touch of patriotism to your drinking experience. So grab a few of these military-themed items today and get ready for some serious beer sippin’!