Minimalist Spice-Up Your Makeup: 3 Easy Ideas To Take Your Look For a Spin

Minimalist Spice-Up Your Makeup: 3 Easy Ideas To Take Your Look For a Spin

Are you ready to take your makeup look to a whole new level?

If you’re all about looking chic and put together without succumbing to the ‘more is more’ makeup rule, then you’ll love these minimalist but spicy makeup ideas.

From the 70’s ultra-simple but iconic cat-eye look to the super minimalist barely-there glossy lids, celebs are proving that you can pull off chic makeup even with the barest of essentials.

Photo by @cristinaccalvo

And for the ultimate minimal-but-maximum impact makeup look, we’re going to pair it up with some trendy and glorious outfits from indie vendors.

Taking the minimal makeup trend and giving it just a bit of extra flair is the perfect way to stand out — without being too over-the-top! Here are three daring, yet very doable, ideas to set yourself apart from the crowd.

With just a few easy steps, and you’ll get an effortless beauty look that will turn heads. So grab your makeup bag and let’s get started!

Spice It Up with Minimalist Makeup

A Purple Pucker That Packs a Punch

Bright purple lips have become a favorite look by MAC makeup artists this year, and it’s one of the easiest ways to instantly dress up your look.

Minimalist Spice-Up Your Makeup: 3 Easy Ideas To Take Your Look For a Spin
Minimalist Spice-Up Your Makeup: 3 Easy Ideas To Take Your Look For a Spin

Both by @jabe_art_direction @b_agency @amgparis_annemariegardinier @d_and_d_management @blaublutedition

Not sure if you can pull it off? Keep the rest of your makeup minimal — illuminated skin, well-groomed brows, and next to no eye makeup — and use that bold purple as a statement piece.

Match it up with a sleek black outfit and you are sure to turn heads!

Graphic eyeliner in brown with pastel lilac lips by @monikalis_

Graphic Monochrome Eyeshadow: Big Impact, Little Work

If you’re already rocking a simple, minimalist but aesthetic look, do the single wash of your go-to eyeshadow color, but make it graphic. A monochrome eyeshadow look has a different vibe when you don’t smoothen out the edges but on the contrary, make them geometrically precise.

Graphic bronze eye with a slightly darker edge. Full tutorial in this reel

Start by using a neutral color — from taupe to chestnut, feel free to use a concealer for that — then layer on cream shadow. Use an angled brush to create the exaggerated lines above your lash line.

Blue eyeshadow with silver edge by @matamarozzi

The effect is a modern and edgy one that can be toned down or dressed up — depending on what you’re wearing!

Editorial look from @monikalis_

Colorful Eyeliner: Pop Some Color Into Your Peepers

Finally, bring the heat with some vibrant eyeliner! There are neon eyeliners out there with enough pigment to use as a top layer over smokey eye. That’s the most classically flattering way to do neon eye makeup, but you can also go big and just use neon on neon.

Minimalist Spice-Up Your Makeup: 3 Easy Ideas To Take Your Look For a Spin
Minimalist Spice-Up Your Makeup: 3 Easy Ideas To Take Your Look For a Spin

Both by @jabe_art_direction @b_agency @amgparis_annemariegardinier @d_and_d_management @blaublutedition

Whether you’re a fan of the classic cat-eye and just like to give your lids a pop of color, try incorporating one of this season’s hottest shades of eyeliner: turquoise, peacock green, or magenta are all totally wearable but still make a statement. A wash of dark, matte eyeshadow is the best complement for a vibrant eyeliner.

By @ever_apathetic

These easy minimal makeup moves will take you from ordinary to extraordinary with the snap of a finger — so set aside some time and let your creative spirit fly! From purple lips that pack a punch to graphic monochrome eyeshadow and colorful eyeliner, you’ll be sure to be turning heads in no time!

Get the Look: Spicy Minimalism

Even celebrities known for their maximalist tastes like Lady Gaga have been ditching eclectic aesthetics for a pared-down vibe, relying on minimalist but spicy makeup ideas to channel their red carpet looks.

By @lapetitevengeance

Stars like Beyonce and Gigi Hadid have been seen rocking subtle eyeliner, staining their lips with light, orangey pinks, and highlighting their natural features with a light contour. Celebrity hairstylists have also embraced the aesthetic, ditching complicated styles for sleek, low ponytails and top knots.

Minimalist makeup looks are ‘in’ and here to stay! From the ‘no makeup’ makeup trend made popular by the likes of Zendaya to the natural dewy look seen on Kendall Jenner, nothing says put-together better than a neutral-toned, pared-back face. But while sticking to the minimalist formula, why not add a little bit of spice by opting for a bold lip or statement eyes? Using high-end brands like Charlotte Tilbury for a pop of colour can instantly take your look from muted to standout. Move over neutral tones, the new way to dress up your look is with minimal makeup and maximum sass.