On the Legally Blonde Pink: Fierce Femininity or Submission To The Norms?

On the Legally Blonde Pink: Fierce Femininity or Submission To The Norms?

Hero is a light pink pantsuit from MoraBrand

If there was ever a time to break societal norms, it is now.

A controversial trend in the fashion industry is the empowered, independent woman wearing “bimbo”-inspired hot pink.

While at first glance bimbo-style clothing may appear to perpetuate stereotypes of passive femininity, the women wearing this look have a newfound strength and pride in their androgynous styling.

It all started with the influence of Instagram influencers such as Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski, who have all been seen proudly sporting hot pink hues in their daily outfit choices. With these trendsetters proudly wearing pink, a new confidence for women to embrace their femininity has been born, towards taking charge of their identities. As Gigi Hadid once said in an interview, “I feel empowered when I wear pink because it’s a way to express my strength, rather than hide it.”

Color-block pantsuit from StudioShodweCo

Wearing hot pink is much more than just making a fashion statement. It’s about promoting the idea that femininity is not something to be ashamed of.

The proponents of power dressing in pink hues say, quite rightly, that it’s important to put forward the idea that power and confidence does not have to come packaged in an androgynous, masculine look. Femininity can equal strength, too.

But is it actually possible to draw the line between conforming to society expectations and making an empowered statement?

Fearless Femmes: Hot Pink and Owning Your Look

Dressing in a feminine costume can be a powerful way to express yourself and make an impact, but it isn’t without its drawbacks.

For starters, let’s look at the pros. Wearing a dress or skirt can make a statement and feel incredibly empowering. Whether it’s a long, frilly maxi dress or a bodycon mini, putting on a cute outfit can give you an instant boost of confidence.

There are societal reasons for why women feel more confident when they are wearing heels: They get more attention, because they conform in just about the right way. Then there are the individual reasons. Heels change your posture, which can have direct psychological benefits. That alone can make you feel more feminine and beautiful as well as empowered, before anybody’s gaze even enters the question.

On the other hand, dressing up in a feminine costume can come with a few drawbacks. For starters, you may feel like you’re playing on someone else’s terms — for example, you’re embodying a certain stereotype or ideal by wearing what society deems as “feminine” clothing. Also, an increasing amount of people may find it too gimmicky and not take you seriously, no matter how serious you feel deep down. Your own mindset helps, on the other hand it’s pure magical thinking that just attitude only can change absolutely everything.

Ultimately, I don’t think this question can be answered in any general terms. There are women who have the kind of authority that they can carry off any outfit in most situations. Perhaps the best choice is to focus on getting to that level of grit and experience first.

Linen two-piece from BUDZIKO

So, the decision to dress up in a feminine costume is yours and yours alone. You may find that in some settings the pros outweigh the cons, and it may give you an incredible boost of confidence or show you have an appreciation for feminine beauty. In other settings, you might be putting yourself into an unnecessarily vulnerable position just for the sake of dress.

If you go for it, just make sure you feel comfortable in it and that it fits your own unique style. After all, the most important thing is to be true to your life.

Oversized hot pink blazer from AECPRIVE

In conclusion, let’s say that it’s no secret that we have to dress a certain way for work and certain occasions. But what if we could make those times off just a little bit more interesting with what we wear? That is the question that fashion lovers everywhere have been asking themselves.

And the answer is, yes! Aesthetic clothing is clearly the better outlet for our days off because it leaves us with more creative freedom. We can bring out our own style, express ourselves, and make any casual outfit stand out from the crowd. Whether you prefer something classic and timeless, or something more edgy and contemporary, there are endless possibilities for how you can dress for your next day off.

Y2K hot pink baggy athletic parachute pants from Etsy: ElanStudioLLC

Take for example, how to wear jeans. Even though jeans can be considered “casual”, they can still be worn in so many creative ways. If you’re into classic looks, you can try teaming a pair of straight-leg jeans with a crisp white shirt and ballet flats. Or, if you’re into something more trendy, try matching skinny jeans with a cool graphic t-shirt and sneakers.

Accessories are also a great way to take even the simplest of outfits up a notch. Whether it’s a fashionable pair of sunglasses, some statement jewelry, or even just a great-looking bag – accessories are the cherry on top of your aesthetic look. And with so many colors and patterns to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect pieces to complete your look.

Likewise, when it comes to tops, you can really show off your individual style. Try mixing and matching different colors and patterns – from stripes, to polka dots, to abstract prints – to create an eclectic look. And when it comes to trends, you can go for something loud and flamboyant like a neon bandeau top, or something more subtle such as a light floral blouse.

So, why not take advantage of your days off and dress up more creatively? After all, why stick to the same boring clothes when you can express yourself and make a statement with your aesthetic clothing? In the end, it’s all about having fun, and finding out what works for you. Who knows, you may even come up with your own signature look!

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