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Social Grace without Masking: 3 Books for Stronger Connections

In a world where image and facade reign supreme, it’s refreshing to know that you can be your authentic self without feeling the need to “mask” your true personality.

Power Plays: Fashion as Emotional Armor - Yes or No

Putting on a face that is not quite you, a mask that shields your emotions, is what we commonly refer to as emotional armor. It’s that stylish shield we fashionistas...

Radiate Gender-Neutral Magic: Pose, Play, and Rock the World

I know that aesthetic can be a contentious issue. Should you stylize yourself into something even though you don’t fully identify with it? I think that gender neutral should be...

Minimalist Grunge: The Evolution of Rebellion in Fashion

Minimalist grunge is a way to embrace the unconventional, rebellious spirit of grunge fashion while adding a contemporary twist.

The Essence of Self-Expression: More Than Meets the Eye

Fashion is one of the best tools for self-expression, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s so important to young people and everyone else who didn’t get completely jaded....

Kindness Starts Within: Nurturing Empathy and Compassion

While we’re all familiar with spreading cheer and goodwill toward others, it often slips our minds that self-compassion and empathy for ourselves are equally important. In this issue, we dive...

Exploring Diverse Relationship Expectations in Today's Dating World

In recent years, the landscape of romantic relationships has undergone significant transformations. Individuals now approach dating with a wide array of expectations and goals, reflecting a shift from traditional models...

Beyond the Surface: A Dive into the Myth of Retail Therapy

Today, we’re taking a detour from our usual fashion-focused content to explore a topic that’s been on everyone’s minds: retail therapy.

Navigating Teen Love: Can High School Relationships Work Out?

Are you a teenager who just entered high school and wondering if relationships can work out in this new phase of life? You’re not alone.

Navigating the Online Dating Scene: A Guide for Modern Singles

Online dating has become a staple in the quest for love and companionship, but navigating this digital landscape can be as complex as the dating scene itself. We’ve covered the...

The Rebel Trap: Beauty Brands with Controversial Makeup Names

Unconventional naming of makeup products has been a clever way to build brand in the beauty industry.

The Science of Appearance Improvement: A Lifestyle Game-Changer

In our increasingly visual and digital age, the power of appearance is undeniably significant. It serves as a gateway to confidence and opens doors to a plethora of personal and...

Unconventional: Daring to be Different in the World of Fashion

In aesthetic subcultures, quirky meets chic, tradition does a little dance with rebellion, and where self-expression is celebrated with open arms. Sadly, not everyone has understanding for that kind of...

Piercing as Personal Expression: How Feminine Aesthetics are Embracing Body Jewelry

Body jewelry has a rich history that dates back centuries. What started as a cultural and religious practice eventually evolved into a fairly versatile tool for self-expression. Still, be it...

The Roots of Boho: Get Inspired By Eastern and Southeastern European Traditional Clothing

The boho aesthetic, born out of the countercultural movement of the 1960s, still to this day embodies a carefree and eclectic lifestyle as a counterpoint to the culture of corporate...

20 Fresh Bad Gal Captions: Be The Instagram Obsession That Keeps Guys Hooked

More baddie quotes and captions in this article from 10/2023

Defying the Norms: Why Take a Risky Route with Unconventional Fashion?

Let’s celebrate the vibrant tapestry of styles that exist beyond the mainstream.

Turning Heads with Attitude: Is It Really All In The Aesthetic Clothes?

Linen set in the hero picture is from Matters Georgia

Reclaiming Good Bodies At Any Age: The Feminist Power of Bodybuilding (And Inspo)

In a world that often seeks to confine women within narrow boundaries, it becomes a powerful act of feminist rebellion to redefine our own narratives. Feminism, at its core, is...

4 Garments For Timeless Aesthetic, Regardless of Your Age

Fashion has always been an important aspect of human society and women have played a significant role in shaping it. In fact, it can be said that fashion and women...

The Impact of Fast Fashion: Choosing Sustainable Clothing

In hero shot: Dress from LinenTonic

Mantra Material: Find Faith in Life’s Possibilities with These 5 No-Nonsense Quotes

For many of us, it can seem like navigating life’s peaks and troughs can be daunting, if not impossible. In order to tackle life’s adversities, many of us turn to...

Gen Z Aesthetic Subcultures and Trending TikTok Haircuts

Hero is a mullet by IG @steven_buzassy

The Millennial Aesthetic: Unraveling The Corporate Boho Style

Here’s what Millennials are most known for: Their starry-eyed corporate hustle culture that spread around the world from hip coffeeshops decorated with pink posters that probably say Eat Pray Love...

Dressing Up Your Texts: Infusing Style and Playfulness into Digital Flirting

In today’s digital age, where communication is often reduced to quick messages and emojis, it’s crucial to master the art of digital flirting to keep the spark alive. Gone are...

Classic or Bold? Comparing Old Money and New Money Aesthetics In Makeup

The comparison between old money and new money aesthetic subcultures is often made with regards to fashion and makeup styles.

(PFP Gallery) They Live Inside Us: The Most Popular Anime Boy Characters and Why We Relate to Them

In this article, we’d like to introduce you to the gallery of anime boy profile pictures. To get you acquainted with this art form, we have selected a couple of...

Why is it so freeing to dress outside the box?

Mustard yellow embroidered blouse from Etsy: ArtVyshyvankaUA

8 Fresh Ideas to Make Your Friend's Wedding a Cherished Memory

Have you ever attended a wedding that left a lasting impression on your heart and mind? Where every detail seemed to weave a magical spell, making it an unforgettable experience....

Swipe Right, Swipe Safe: Practicing Online Safety on Hookup Platforms

In today’s digital age, finding a potential hookup partner has become easier than ever, thanks to the proliferation of hookup platforms and dating apps.

Dark Feminine Energy Affirmations: A Powerful Essence to Embrace

Hero credits: Photography by IG @melony.lemon

Where to read about Gen-Z fashion on Instagram?

Hero credits: Hime hairstyle photographed by IG @sheila_velasco

Exploring Masculine and Feminine Energies in 2023 Fashion

Hero is an athleisure-inspired top from Etsy: marcellanyc

Ranking the Most Popular OnlyFans Models and Their Income

If you’ve been on the internet anytime in the past few years, you’re probably aware of OnlyFans. The site, offering subscription-based exclusive content, has surged in popularity as a lucrative...

Important Life Skills You Can Learn By Taking An Online Course

If you spend a lot of time on social media, there’s a good chance that you see the internet as a tool to undermine your mental health. But the truth...

Flossy by Freddy

Flossy by Freddy is an indie designer label created by the YouTube influencer Freddy Cousin-Brown. Her designs are a modern twist on the romantic cottagecore aesthetic. Each piece is intended...

Xiao Li (Knit High Fashion from London)

Xiao Li is studied at the Royal College of Art. The world took notice when she presented a beautiful collection in 2013. She made garments in which she combined knitting...

Karla Deras (The Line by K, Los Angeles)

Karla Deras Chambers is a womenswear designer and former blogger at Karla’s Closet.