The Impact of Fast Fashion: Choosing Sustainable Clothing

The Impact of Fast Fashion: Choosing Sustainable Clothing

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A lot of us love the idea of trends, hauls and new outfits. However, many of us also love the environment.

How can two “contrary” things exist in one space? While fast fashion has done a number on our planet, there are sustainable brands out there creating fashionable options for a sustainable world.

Here are some things to think about as you start looking for sustainable clothing:

Choose natural materials

In your search to find ethical tops and clothing, make sure you’re checking out the materials used in your outfits. Polyester, nylon, and spandex are materials that you’ll want to avoid if you’re looking for more natural options. Plus, the reality is that these kinds of materials aren’t all that comfortable.

Linen dress “Meg” from Little Women Atelier

Instead, choose the options that are ideal for the environment and that also feel better on your skin, like bamboo, cotton, or wool. Keep in mind that more natural fibers can sometimes mean your outfits will be pricier, but it’s a worthwhile investment into the planet.

If you love fashion, you could easily get carried away with trying to gather all of the best trends that come out regularly. The thing is that you may love seeing these outfits in your favorite fashion magazine but when it comes to actually wearing the outfits, you may not end up wearing all these clothes you end up buying.

So, to make sure you’re not just throwing away your money or filling up your closet with fast fashion, start cutting back on buying clothes on a whim.

Research company’s ethics

To be sure you’re doing what you can to buy clothes from sustainable brands who care, look beyond what the label says, and look at what the brand does. Are they producing items through fair trade? Are their practices in line with your values? People are continuously shopping at companies that they don’t know anything about, which means they could be lining the pockets of people and corporations who aren’t helping the planet or humanity.

Cable knit from Marcella NYC

Learn to dress with less

If you’d like to make a splash in what you do for the environment, learn to dress with less. If you’re used to filling up your closet with the latest trends, learning to cut back on how much you buy on a regular basis can do a lot for your efforts. A minimalistic closet could take time to set up but if you’re concerned about doing your part for the planet, this is a great place to start.

You could ask your personal stylist to help you choose the items that would work in keeping you stylish yet in flow with sustainability practices. Neutral colors lend themselves to reuse as they’re easy to combine with various pieces, allowing for “new” outfits on the daily.

Don’t forget to look for durability

If you want to spend less on clothing and also buy less clothing for sustainability, look for durable options. Pieces that last for years can ensure your closet doesn’t need much replenishing for a while. Of course, seasons and trends change, but if you get some basics and staples that can work for a number of occasions and experiences, then you can simply slowly add on new items as you go that work with your durable pieces.

Set from NoireBrand

Also, most of the time, sustainable brands truly care about the durability of their clothes, so you can also trust this to be an added benefit to shopping from sustainable brands.

If you’re hoping to create a wardrobe in line with your beliefs, start with these simple tips that can help you make appropriate decisions. You can love fashion but stay away from fast fashion. Look for sustainable brands you can rely on for the type of ethical practices that you know will make a difference for our beautiful planet.

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