10+ Coquette Nails Ideas: Gorgeous Pale Pink Nail Art

10+ Coquette Nails Ideas: Gorgeous Pale Pink Nail Art

Hero are ribbon nails from @yona___nail

What’s attractive, girly, stylish and trending now, without trying too hard?

It must be the Parisian girl vibe, to be completely honest, but not everyone wants to dress in Franco-drag every day.

Pale pink nails are a very close second.

The ‘it’ look of the beauty scene right now is the coquette aesthetic, and pale pink nails are a must-have for any aesthetic fashionista just now.

Ribbon bows and glitter in classic coquette nail art. Pressons foamboxnail

From chic Taylor Swift to the fashion-forward Gigi Hadid, everyone is getting on the pale pink nail train and you should too.

But why tell you in words when you can have a visual feast? Let’s take a tour through some of the gorgeous ideas for Pale Pink nails that we have seen celebrities, influencers, and everyday fashionistas wearing. First up: the french nail with a matte finish!”

Pale Pink Nails: The Cult Classic for Every Coquette

The conventional wisdom is to stay abreast of trends and be adventurous with style. But sometimes, the classic look is the one that comes off unconventional - just add a tiny little coquette twist like the heart or bow pattern.

Pale pink red coquette little hearts by @babyluxenailbar

Coquette pink, pearls and flowers on pressons from SaltSodaStudio

10+ Coquette Nails Ideas: Gorgeous Pale Pink Nail Art
10+ Coquette Nails Ideas: Gorgeous Pale Pink Nail Art
Pink in the classic coquette shade by @chelslounails

Brighter coral pink from @chelslounails

Sakura pressons from SaltSodaStudio

Dainty pink and white nail design from @nailgem87

Gold and pink posh coquette pressons from SaltSodaStudio

It’s Hard To Go Wrong With Pale Pink

Enter the cult classic pale pink nail, seen adorning Hollywood starlets, supermodels, and trend-setting fashionistas alike.

When it comes to classic nail shades, pale pink is every fashionista’s must-have. There’s something about this subtle hue that both complements everyday, casual looks, as well as acts as the perfect backdrop to statement clothes and jewelry. Whether you’re headed to the office or out on the town, this shade is versatile enough to pair with any outfit.

If you’re just getting started with your pale pink nail style, take a page of fashion icon Bella Hadid, who loves to mix and match her trendy duds with a punch of pale pink on her tips. Or, take a tip from supermodel Karlie Kloss, who often sports this chic shade with an elevated manicure—with semi-nude polishes and minimal detailing for an elegant look.

Pale pink base with silver French tip by @krr.nailss

If you’re ready to make a statement, try layering a pop of color on top for an edgy look. Popular options include white tip nails, with peach, blush and pink underlays for a classic yet unexpected effect. Or, try pairing your pale pink polish with glitters and holographic accents for a high-impact combo.

Whatever your style, there’s no denying the versatility of the pale pink nail. With the wide variety of pale pink hues available from beauty brands, such as Wander Beauty, Sally Hansen, and the classic Chanel nail polish, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect shade to match your wardrobe. So go ahead—add a touch of classic to your wardrobe with pale pink nails.

Pale pink nails are a trend that’s sweeping the social media. From admireres of coquette aesthetic to everyday fashionistas, everyone is embracing the simple yet chic color. Whether you’re channeling your inner Ariana Grande, or rocking a fully-coordinated Ahlem Eyewear and & Other Stories look, pale pink nails seal the deal. Upgrade your style game with the hottest and most versatile hue of the season: pale pink nails.