15+ Paris Bathroom Decor Ideas and Vibe

15+ Paris Bathroom Decor Ideas and Vibe

Let’s face it, most of us just browse luxe interior photos for the inspo and little bit of the vibe.

Well, if you are into the Parisian chic, you have come to the right place.

Not all interior styles work with it but it is a fact that the bathroom is the place where we come to relax and recharge after the day is done.

Thus, a good bathroom decor should be a priority. And as you know, a good decor is any decor that is aesthetically pleasing and makes you feel at home.

Parisian bathrooms can really do that well.

Adorned with decadent marble and finished off with a lavish gold-framed linen closet, Parisian bathrooms exude opulence. These spaces boast seamless integration of the wall to floor, in addition to luxurious marble bathroom vanities featuring double sinks for both style and convenience.

How to Create a Parisian-Chic Bathroom Decor

Parisian interiors are frilly and elegant, but the whole vibe is usually low key, like you would expect from an apartment of a great artist just before they got famous.

Here are a few ideas to help you create the Parisian chic look in your bathroom:

  1. The artsy Parisian classic are the white walls and rustic wood floors or furniture, which are both staples of indie decors. If the wall is ornate and uppity, the contrast between the two will add an interesting dynamic to your space.

  2. Mix in some obstinately sophisticated furniture pieces, like a parisian-style chaise lounge or an imposing vanity.

    Christopher Noto via Architectural Digest

  3. For the walls, choose delicate pastel colors and hang framed artworks that looks like it was taken from a Parisian gallery.

  4. Incorporate some Parisian elements such as sculptures and ornate mirrors to give the room an authentic artsy patina.

  5. Accessorize with parisian-style towels and décor, like a mosaic pattern or the fleur-de-lis theme.

  6. Finally, make sure to add the odd accent such as ornate candlesticks and sconces to add a touch of drama and sophistication.

Start with the basics, like picking an accent color palette and bring in neutral elements to create balance. Then, opt for marble - it is luxurious and perfect for that French touch. Wall-to-floor integration ensures harmony between the walls and flooring so make sure to pick the right tiles that match the marble.

When it comes to cabinets, choose a white lacquered or dark stained wood option for an elegant and timeless look. Add accents with hardware like gold-framed door handles and pulls.

Finally, don’t forget about the finishing touches that bring your bathroom decor together - this includes plush towels and rugs, a few pieces of art, a nice framed mirror and an eye-catching light fixture.

With these parisian-chic tips, you can create a bathroom that exudes luxury and elegance. With the right elements in place, your parisian-inspired bathroom will be sure to turn heads!

The Essential Elements of Decorating a Parisian Bathroom

  • Pick an accent color palette and use neutral elements for balance.

  • Opt for marble tiles and wall-to-floor integration.

  • Choose a white lacquered or dark stained wood option for cabinets.

  • Add accents with gold-framed door handles and pulls.

  • Finish the look with plush.