Retro Aesthetic Room Inspo: Patterns, Colors, Accessories

Retro Aesthetic Room Inspo: Patterns, Colors, Accessories

Hero artwork is from MINUS37 on Etsy

For those in the mood for a fashionable but timeless interior decor, retro aesthetics is an ideal choice. Incorporating these stylish elements into your home ensures your space won’t go out of fashion anytime soon and will be approved by both family and friends alike.

Retro styles have proved themselves over the years to remain popular so you need not worry about shocking someone - and at the same time, you do not have to compromise on the aesthetic look of your space.

Retro aesthetics can be applied to any room in your house - from the living room, kitchen and bedrooms. They are versatile and look great with a mix of retro elements as well as modern touches.

Eye-Catching Retro Of Geometric Patterns

One of the most typical design elements of 60s and 70s retro is the checkered pattern. The black and white checker was the typical tile style people would put on their hallway or bathroom floors, but for a bedroom that kind of floor doesn’t really work.

You could still go for retro geometric patterns on an area rug or on little accessories. They can make a lot of difference if the base of your room is minimalist enough.

Another major but simple way would be plastic. While the mid-century modern interiors rely on wood (or more realistically, wood veneer) for that modern but rustic vibe, later on the nascent tech obsession was starting to show.

The influence for that were the very public events like Moon landing in 1969. So, with that event shaking up the mankind, the trendy interior design started mimicking everyone’s idea of a spaceship with its bizarre, rounded shapes everywhere.

Lilac checkered rug via

For retro aesthetics, you can still go for round shapes like in the figure of a lamp, but also with chairs and other accessories. They don’t have to be futuristic though; retro lamps come in different colours and shapes from metal stars to ceramic eggs.

Rounded retro vases by Etsy: Yukostudio

Overall though, retro aesthetic rooms are not necessarily about an exact look that is broken down to the last detail. It is more about bringing exceptional pieces of furniture, accessories and colours into your home in order to create a pleasing retro aesthetic atmosphere.

It’s all about mixing and matching different retro elements in order to create an eye-catching indie decor that is both timeless and fashionable. And that’s real easy to do if you like retro - we have very modern aesthetic currents like the pastel Danish style that still take inspiration from this original cosmic decor trend.

Rug via Etsy: Yukostudio

Modernizing an Indie Room with Retro Aesthetic Elements

What if you want to make your room look aesthetically retro but without overhauling it too much? That can be a pretty reasonable choice, if you know you get bored with aesthetics quickly.

It’s usually a great idea to mix retro aesthetic pieces with some modern ones so as to not make your room too kitschy. The same holds true for modern furniture, by the way: If you just do modern, you risk that your place will look like an IKEA brochure.

For instance, here is that retro black and white checker with the modern organic trend of natural raw materials:

If all else fails, you could always add retro patterns on pillows or small decorations like ceramics for a subtle retro touch. That is certainly a choice that will not break the bank as much as a renovation.

If you want a little more, you could even use retro styled furniture. A retro furniture will be faithful to the original style in spirit, but it will come in more modern colors such as light grey or cream instead of the old mustard yellows. This way it will be easier to pass the same furniture as minimalist modern when you change your mind later on.

Etsy: Yukustudio

In the same way, retro-looking tiles can be used for a retro touch. However, you don’t have to stick with just retro patterns on the floor. Depending on how retro you want your room to look, you could always pick retro styled furniture and accessories in more modern colors such as mint green or powder blue.

Also, retro light fixtures and retro wall art are both a great way to spruce up any room. It’s an opportunity to add a vintage touch without having to actually bring in retro-style furniture that can quickly look dated if not used properly.

Digital retro artwork, Etsy: Nillolent

Overall retro aesthetics are a great way to add character and charm to any room. With the right combination of retro furniture, accessories, colors and patterns you can create an eye-catching retro aesthetic that is both timeless and fashionable. Whether you want to go all out with retro or just give your modern decor a subtle nod towards vintage style, there’s something for everyone in this classic trend. So don’t be afraid to mix different elements together - it might take some trial and error but eventually you’ll find the perfect balance between retro chic and modern minimalism!